Ħamrun Spartans in advance talks……..

Thursday, June 6, 2013, 16:46

by Joshua Cacciattolo

Ħamrun Spartans are in advanced talks with a Italian agency who is interested in work with the club. The Italian agency is set to arrive in Malta in the next few days and will also set to appoint a first team coach, four players and also a physical trainer.

The relegated club are also in talks with some local players to strength their squad, and also are hoping to persued veteran Massimo Grima and striker Terence Scerri to agree a new loan deal with the club.

Ħamrun Spartans president Daniel Sullivan is also set to continue and is seek another two year term in the next Annual General Meeting.


  1. PALOLLU says:

    Arroganza Galore mill Kumitat il Gdid tal Hamrun dawn idicidew illi flinteress tal Hamrun ghandom jientazlu il nies ghal Kumitat minghajr ma issir Elezzjoni u hek gara dawn lafarijiet jigru biss goll Hamrun u ir rezultat kien 40 membru gdid u 170 supporters wa regawx geddu il manswalita tal Misthija


  2. kallusu says:

    this is the new hamrun that evry one will like to be like use we have a road map to follow and with this people in the comette we will suced.if you love the club let s help were in it tank alot


  3. Bugeja says:

    leeeeeeeeeeeeeee hawn ma jsir xejn ghax kulhadd korrott


  4. Spider says:

    Mr. Frank Green

    Its seems that you are sure what you are saying if you have all the prove why dont you go the the Police and show them all the documents you have in your hand Police might send for you for further investigations 

    Keep in mind up to now there is only Romours 


  5. frank green says:

    what about the case of corruption involving the goalkeeper and other hamrun player ? hamrun are seriously risking to get further demoted to lower divisions .


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