Hamrun S and Paola H to contest final

Saturday, May 26, 2012, 11:43

courtesy of Victor Ciangura – The Malta Independent

Good Cause Fund Cup

Under 17 Semi Finals

Sliema W   0    Hamrun S    2

This game was keenly contested and young Referee Shawn Calleja had a very difficult encounter to control, which he did admirably, and was correct in showing not less than seven yellow cards and also a red card.

Sliema created the first two actions. Liam Cachia released Miguel Farrugia Spiteri on the right flank and the ball was cleared cleared away following his cross and Aaron chircop was fouled just outside the area and Hamrun keeper Jean C De Battista saved the free kick shot by Gabriel Aquilina.

The reaction by Hamrun was very immediate as they mouted two actions. Gary Cauchi served Ryan Spiteri with a long through ball and Sliema keeper Michael Cluett had to come out of his charge and smothered the ball as he dived at his feet and Rodney Rodney Refalo was fouled on the right flank, Gennaro Hili floated a perfect high ball in the area from the free kick but no Hamrun forward managed to get his head to the ball to apply the killer touch.

In the 19th minute Hamrun opened the score when the ball was partly cleared following a diagonal shot from the left flank by Diego Zammit and Refalo was on hand to score from the rebound with a hard grounder from the edge of the area.

The Spartans kept pressing and created two more actions. Refalo was fouled on the left flank and the ball missed the far post from the free kick by Melvin Busuttil and Spiteri was then fouled on the right flank and from Hili’s free kick the ball was headed away.

In a Sliema action, Chircop was fouled outside the area and the ball was headed away after Aquilina’s free kick.

A minute before the interval Hamrun came very close a second goal as Refalo served Spiteri on the right flank who after entering the area tried his luck with a hard drive which Cluett partly saved and the ball was somehow cleared away to safety.

Hamrun started on the offensive after thr restart. Jim Cilia released Spiteri on the left flank but he failed to control the ball on the goal line as the pass was not calibrated. Dylan Busuttil served Refalo with a through ball who after returning the compliment to Spiteri a defender blocked the ball from the latter’s shot and after a double one-two between Refalo and Spiteri ended with the latter’s shot from the right flank being cleared.

Sliema then mounted two actions, Aquilina released Farrugia Spiteri on the right flank and De Battista neutralised the ball following his cross and Aquilina was then fouled on the left edge of the area and the free kick by the same player created havoc in the Spartans area but somehow the ball was cleared away.

In the 55th minute Diego Zammit was injured in a tackle and had to be stretchered off, from these columns I wish him a speedy recovery.

Hamrun doubled the score in the 64th minute when Refalo served Spiteri with a through ball in the area who made the most of a defensive indecision as Cluett came out of his charge and after he dribbled past a defender shot into an empty net, the same palyer came close a third goal minutes later as he headed slightly over the bar folowing a cross from the right by Dylan Busuttil from the right flank.

Sliema were reduced to ten men in the 72nd minutes as Jake Micallef was shown the red card after a second booking.

The Spartans kept pressing and Cluett saved in two attempts a shot by Spiteri who entered the area from the left flank after a Refalo through ball.

Referee: Shawn Calleja


Melita   1          Paola H   2

Paola H were the better outfit in this encounter but the Amateurs were not out-classed as they tried their very best to play intelligent football against their more quoted opponents and also had their good moments.

The first action came from Paola H as Jurgen De Gabriele released Neil Chetcuti on the right flank and the ball finished out from his cross-shot.

Melita then won a corner kick on the left flank which was well-taken by antoine Attard and after the ball was partly cleared Hibs keeper Rudy Briffa saved the rebound shot by Aidan Mizzi.

In a Hibs reaction they crested two actions. Aaron Hili served Dylan Farrugia with a through ball in the aea and Melitsa keeper Philip Schranz saved his close-range effort and after De Gabriele was fouled outside the area Andre’ Camilleri drove slightly over the bar from the free kick.

In another action by Melita Nathan Sammut released Michael Cutajar on the right flank and Briffa neutrlised the ball from his cross-shot, from the same action, Briffa served Hili with a long drop kick who then square-passed the ball to De Gabriele who missed the upright from inside the area.

Malcolm Gatt Baldacchino was fouled outside the area and Neil Bonello drove well off Hibs’ posts from the fre kick.

Hibs created four actions soon after the restart. Timothy Tabone entered the area after beating a defender and the ball missed the upright from his shot, minutes later De Gabriele did like-wise

and the ball thumped the bar from his shot with Schranz completely beaten, the same palyer then pounced on a faulty clearance and drove over the bar from outside the area and Zachary Scerri served De Gabriele with a perfect square pass and cluett denied him with a diving save to a corner.

The Paolites opened the score in the 55th minute when De Gabriele entered the area after dribbling past a defender and scored with a low hard drive after entering the area.

In another action by Hibs Darren Sciberras served Tabone in the area but he missed the upright.

Melita equalised in the 64th minute when Antoine Attard was fouled just outside the area, Isaac Curmi took charge of the free kick and the ball was deflected into the net from a deflection by a defender following his low hard shot.

Hibs then won a corner kick on the right flank whic was taken by De Gabrilele after the ball was partly cleared substitute Rednor Farrugia pounced on the rebound but the ball was blocked from his shot.

Six minutes before the end of normal time Hibs re-established their slender lead as De Gabrile served Tabone on the right flank who after enetering the area scored with a diagonal low shot .

In the last action before the end by Melta, Curmi was fouled outside the area and follwing the free kick by Attard, Briffa saved a header by Gatt Baldacchino.

Referee: Joseph Vella.

The final will be played on Sunday 27 May 2012 at Luxol Ground and kicks off at 09.00 hours.






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