Hamrun insist Zerafa had served ban in Futsal

Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 19:00

by Sandro Micallef

In a particular paragraph in their decision to award the three points to Balzan Youth FC the Protest Board’s decision was self contradictory.

This has come to light today in the September’s MFA Council which was held on Wednesday at Ta’ Qali.

Victor Cassar put forward Hamrun's counter arguments at the MFA council meeting

In an effort to try and convince the MFA council to send again the decision back for review by the Protests Board, Hamrun Spartans through their active council member Victor Cassar tried to put forward arguments in their favour.

Hamrun claimed that the decision taken on Tuesday 30th August by the Protests Board whereby the 3 points were taken from Hamrun and awarded to Balzan should be reviewed again since according to Victor Cassar the Protests Board made a blatant breech of the MFA regulations.

In  their last attempt to salvage the three points won on the pitch but lost on the table Hamrun claimed that the player Daniel Zerafa which came in as a late sub in the BOV Premier League 2011/12 match vs Balzan was eligible since he had already served his one match ban with Hamrun Spartans in the Club’s Futsal match against Luqa St.Andrews played at the end of last season on 10th May 2011. All arguments were supported by well researched documentation that was distributed to all those present.

The Protests Board decided that even though the player did not feature in the Hamrun S FC Futsal line up against Luqa SA the suspension had not yet been rectified and notified to the Club.

Hamrun asked permission from the MFA council for the decision to be sent again to the Board, since according to them item i) of the two page sentence is not according to the MFA regulations. The Protests Board chaired by Caesar Scerri, also includes also Louis Borg, Saviour Attard and Charles Falzon as members.

John Agius Secretary of Balzan Youths and MFA council member who had originally lodged the protest on behalf of Balzan, had his valid counter arguments but had to bow at the chair’s decision for a vote by those present if a recommendation for a reconsideration of this decision should be sent to the Protests Board.

On seeing this the Balzan Secretary asked for a secret vote but his request was not upheld. After a show off hands vote Hamrun’s request did not register the majority of those present. One must state that the first show off hands which was interupted by an intervention of Charles Scerri had originally registered almost 20 people putting their hand up. But half of them had second thoughts when the final vote took place.

This is not the first time at an MFA council that show off hand votes were not properly organised and managed by the Malta FA even in the Joe Mifsud era.

Result of vote:

Those in favour to ask Protests Board to reconsider decision – 10

Those against to ask Protests Board to reconsider decision – 26

Abstained – 14

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