Gymkhana ride in aid of Istrina

Tuesday, December 25, 2012, 17:45
The Malta Drifting Association and Malta Drag Racing Association in collaboration with FM promotions presents MDA goes Gymkhana for l- Istrina on the 26th December at Hal far race way from 9:00 till 5:00 pm .
The event will feature a Gymkhana style track where the driver has to go trough a course as fast as possible showing his driving skills whilst doing drift,donuts and passing trough obstacles without touching any cones. Touching cones and obstacles will result into a penalty.
MDA drivers will take passengers for a Gymkhana ride against a donation which will go towards l-Istrina . The Gymkhana track will also be open for those that like to give it a try being it 4 Wheel , rear wheel and front wheel drive vehicles,everyone is welcome.
MDRA will be holding a run what you bring in the drag strip. All lights and timing will be set up for those who want to use the track.
See if you can drive a Gymkhana or get a great time on the drag strip on the 26th of December all this for l-Istrina 2012
The event will be live streamed on and there will also be live links with l-Istrina.

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