GWU responds to Carmelo Bartolo

Friday, August 12, 2011, 17:13

With reference to comments made and quoted by MFA Vice President in the sports pages of The Times of yesterday, the General Workers’ Union is disappointed that according to the Vice President “clubs see the Union as a threat” and that “that clubs went on the warpath when it emerged that the players’ body had elected to join a local trade union.” Such comments are very worrying in a day and age when social dialogue between employers, unions and regulators is promoted to ensure progress and stability of an enterprise, sector or area of society. Such an approach is completely opposite to such efforts. At the international level FIFA and the Federation of Players FIFpro have fostered social dialogue.

So much so that when a players association or union joins FIF-pro, FIFA extends its recognition. Furthermore most Players’ Associations in Europe are either a Union themselves or are associated to a local trade union. This is promoted also by FIFpro in its guidelines to new player groupings world-wide.  Unions are also part of European efforts of Social Dialogue whereby Employers, Unions and Regulators come together under European Social Dialogue efforts that are funded by the European Union itself to promote dialogue in Sports. Most Sports Federations in Europe participate in this initiative.

It is therefore an isolated case, unfortunately in Malta, that the MFA’s key actor – Clubs – have such a view of unions in Sport. All sports persons that are economically active through sport are correct in seeking employment and industrial relations support from a Union. Such an approach adopted by local Clubs is what actually generates deteriorated relationships between stakeholders.  Local football can benefit from the contribution of players supported by a Union. Labour regulation and conditions of employment can also be improved to ensure progress and compliance.

Such progress and compliance should not cause fear but should instead be a challenge that can be addressed in good faith by all actors.  The Union appeals to all stakeholders to be positive and avoid negative initiatives and confrontations


  1. valletta champions says:

    Tghidx cucati P.Sant jaqaw int wiehed minn tal-ghamad politiku? Ghandhom dritt jissiehbu f’liema unjon iridu u l-klabbs issa qed jibzaw ghax imdorrijin jghaffgu u jghamlu li jridu minghajr kontroll


  2. Mario Gauci says:

    U hallinha P Sant. Ma nafx ghala hawn Malta rridu naghmlu kollox politika. L MFPA ghamlet assocazjoni ghaliha pero ssihbet ma trade union biex ikollha gwida kif isiru l-affarijiet u barra minhekk fil-guidelines tal-FifPro jissuggerulek li tissieheb ma union stabilita. Gifieri l-MFPA segwew dawn il-guidelines. Jibzaw certu clubs ghax iridu jibqaw jaghmlu li jridu bil-players u jkunu jistaw jinahllu minn kuntratti u agreements kif iridu. Prosit lil players li rnexxilhom jibqaw flimkien ghax il-clubs min kollox qed jaghmlu biex jifirduwkhom. Zommu sod players.


  3. P Sant says:

    Ittihom tort lill-klabbs meta kullhadd jaf bil-militantizmu tal-GWU?


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