Gudja obtain first points

Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 10:54
courtesy of Victor Ciangura- The Malta Independent
APS Bank Under 17 Section C 1 
Gudja   5      Marsa   1
Gudja won their first three points from seven games after beating Marsa who have only two points also from seven games and both teams occupy the bottom placings of the standings.
Marsa created the first action when Brady Agius served Christian Agius with a square pass and he missed the upright from outside the area.
In the first action by Gudja, Cliuvert Burke relesed Jonathan Tonna on the left flank who then crossed to Bradley Cassar in the area but he failed to apply the killer touch from a very ideal position.
In the 6th minute Marsa opened the score when Brady Agius served James Schembri with a cross from the right flank who scored with a low shot from inside the area.
The raction by Gudja was very immediate as they mounted two actions in a row. Joel Attard released Kevin Cassar on the right flank who in turn served Brandon Saliba in the area and Marsa keeper Dailen Galea foiled him with a timely sortie as he dived at his feet and smothered the ball and Ismael Cachia released Marlon Caruana on the left flank and Galea neutralised his cross-shot.
Gudja equalised in the 19th minute as Caruana served Kevin Cassar on the left flank and after entering the area he scored with a diagonal low shot.
In the 24th minute Gudja scored a second goal when Kyle Mifsud served Kevin Cassar with a through ball in the area and as he was tripped by keeper Galea, Burke made no mistake from the resultant penalty.
The score became 3-1 in the 35th minute when Mifsud served Brandon Saliba with a throw-in on the right flank and he scored with a lobbed ball from the right edge of the area.
Two minutes after the restart Gudja scored the fourth goal when Cachia served Bradley Cassar with a through ball inthe area and he scored with a low shot.
Gudja created another action when Bradley Cassar was fouled on the right flank and the ball was headed away from the free kick by Marius Barbara.
In a rare action by Marsa Christian Agius served Angus Camenzuli with a cross from the right and Gudja keeper Andrea’ Calleja saved his effort from outside the area to a corner.
Gudja kept pressing and Brandon Saliba served Caruana with a square pass but he drove over the bar from the left edge of the area.
Marsa then won a corner kick on the right flank which was well-taken by Christian Agius and Calleja saved a header by Camenzuli.
In the 67th minute Gudja made it 5-1 as Saliba released Kevin Cassar in the area and he netted with a hard low drive. 
In the last action before the end, Cachia released Bradley Cassar on the left flank and after Galea partly saved his effort from the edge of the area the ball was cleared away to safety.
Referee: David Castillo                                    Player of the match: Marlon Caruana (Gudja)


  1. clivertburke says:

    hekk mela issa indunajna li jekk nemmnu fina nfusna naghtu loghba lil kulhadd issa ejja nkomplu fejn hallejna eeeee…. u bdw grazzi lil kowc micheal baldacchino u lil assistant kowc malcolm bugeja (TOPO)


  2. clivertburke says:

    hekk mela issa indunajtu xkin jonqosna ….. nemmnu finha nfuna u naghtu loghoba lil kulhadd !!!!!! com on blueeeeeeess …. grazzi lil coach micheal baldacchino u lil assistant kowc malcolm bugeja (topo)


  3. Jonathan Tonna says:

    Really good report, well done, Forza Gudja and gl for the next :)


    Bradley Cassar Reply:

    Come on blues that s the spirit. Thankyou Michael Baldacchino (coach) for your innovative training a week before the game. Forza Gudja and thanks for the report. come on blues!


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