Greens win one way traffic game

Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 1:38
Courtesy of Victor Ciangura
APS Bank Under 17 Section B 
Floriana   6        Msida    0
Floriana took sweet revenge of their first round 1-2 defeat in fine style as they easily beat Msida by six clear goals without reply. Following this game Floriana are in fifth position on 27 points from 14 games while Msida are in sixth place on 18 points also from 14 games.
The game was barely one minute old when Floriana came very close to open the score. From a right flank flag kick by Darrell Baldacchino he short-passed the ball to Martin Caruana who served Conor Borg with a cross and from his header from the left edge of the area the ball skimmed the upper part of the crossbar with Msida keeper Dylan Sammut beaten.
Floriana kept pressing and mounted four further actions. Jeremy Fenech dribbled past an opponent on the right flank and the ball was cleared to a corner from his cross. Matthew Bajada was fouled on the right flank and after Baldaccino floated a high ball in the area from the free kick Borg missed the upright with a header. Jake Davies served Glen Tabone with a long throw-in from the right flank and the ball missed the upright from his “rovesciata” from the edge of the area and Caruana dribbled past an opponent on the right flank and after he crossed the ball in the area to Tabone the ball missed the upright from his shot.
Msida reacted by creating two actions. Liam Cutajar served Ryan Spiteri with a square pass but he drove high and wide from outside the area and Cutajar then dribbled past an opponent on the left flank and the ball found no takers following his cross.
Floriana scored three goals in the space of five minutes between the 23rd and 28th minutes. Borg dribbled past an opponet outside the area and after Sammut partly saved his hard drive Tabone followed the progression of the ball and scored with another hard drive from close range. Borg then served Bajada with a through ball in the area who netted with a hard diagonal drive and Tabone served Caruana with a throguh ball in the area who scored with a lobbed ball.
In another action by Msida they were awarded a free kick on the right flank which was taken by Jake Lovegrove and the ball was cleared away with some difficulty.
In the last action before the break Fenech served Davies with a cross from the left flank but the ball missed the upright after he tried his luck from outside the area.
Msida created the first action after the restart when from a flag kick by Joscelyn Sims the ball was headed away.
In the 48th minute the score became 4-0 when Bajada served Tabone in the area and he scored with a low shot.
Sammut the saved a header by Tabone after a Baldacchino flag kick and Bajada dribbled past an opponent on thr right flank and after his cross Baldacchino was denied by Sammut as he was forced to dive and save his shot.
It became 5-0 in the 65th minute as substitute Josiah Vella won a loose ball outside Msida’s area and after he floated a high ball in the area Borg was on hand to score with a low shot, and six minutes before the end Caruana dribbled past an opponent on the right flank who crossed to Borg in the area to net with a low shot.
Floriana: T.Gauci (L.Falzon 61), J.Davies (L.Azzopardi 55), L.Abela (J.Vella 55), N.Spiteri, L.Micallef, J.Fenech, M.Caruana, D.Baldacchino (G.Azzopardi 61), G.Tabone (R.Cauchi 69), C.Borg, M.Bajada.
Msida: D.Sammut, W.Formosa, A.Pace, D.Tanti (L.Cutajar 52), R.Spiteri, S.Attard, J.Lovegrove, L.Cutajar ( D.Sant 69), D.Vella (J.Abela 63), J.C.Spiteri ( C.Saliba 37), J. Sims (D.Azzopardi 44)
Referee: Manuel Calleja
Player of the match: Conor Borg (Floriana)

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