Greens too strong for Pembroke

Thursday, November 24, 2011, 21:29

courtesy of Victor Ciangura The Malta Independent

APS Bank Under 15 Section a

Floriana   3     Pembroke  0

The Greens were the much stronger outfit during the whole 70 minutes as they dominated Pembroke who were only able to create two actions during the whole game. Following this result Floriana share top with Sliema W., with a better goal difference on 15 points from 6 games having lost a game after a protest. Keeper Matteo Farrugia suffered only one goal in six games. Pembroke are bottom-placed with only one point also from 6 games.

The onslaught commenced as early as the first minute as Floriana won a corner kick on the right flank which was well-taken by Juan Carlos Corbolan and Martin Caruana headed slightly over the bar from inside the area. Martin Caruana released Mauro Sultana on the left flank who advanced in the area and after Pembroke keeper Andrea Camilleri partly saved his shot the ball was cleared by a defender. Sultana then served Dillon Darmanin in the area and the ball missed the upright by inches from his shot.

Floriana opened the score in the 19th minute when after a run down the left flank by Sultana he crossed the ball in the area and Conor Borg scored with a hard grounder past a helpless Camilleri.

The Greens kept pressing and mounted two further actions. Sultana was fouled on the left flank and after the ball was partly cleared from the free kick shot by Sean Cipriott, Jake Davies drove out from the rebound and Cipriott was then fouled outside the area, the same player served Martin Caruana with a short pass and Camilleri saved his long-range shot.

In Pembroke’s only action in the first period after 30 minutes Liam Saliba dribbled past an opponent and as he tried his luck from outside the area Mattoe Farrugia denied him with a diving save, a minute later Floriana were denied by the wood work when Sultana was fouled just outside the area and the ball thumped the bar from the free kick shot by Cipriott and landed in Camilleri’s waiting hands.

The second period was a carbon copy of the first with Floriana dominating the proceedings and Pembroke creating only one action.

Cipriott floated a perfect ball in the area from a free kick and Sultana drove over the bar, the same palyer then pounced on a faulty goal kick and after entering the area Camilleri denied him with a diving save. Caruana was then fouled outside the area and after Camilleri partly saved the free kick shot by Cipriott, the ball missed the upright from the rebound shot by Sultana and after a well-taken corner kick by Corbolan, Conor Borg headed slightly out from inside the area.

In a Pembroke action, Saliba dribbled past an opponent but his long-range shot created no problems for Farrugia.

Floriana kept pressing to increase their lead. Conor Borg served Dale Borg in the area and Camilleri denied him with a diving save and Sultana served substitute Matthew Debono in the area and he missed the upright from his shot.

The score became 2-0 in the 58th minute after a very prolonged action. Dale Borg released Sultana on the left flank and a defender cleared the ball to a corner which was well-taken by Corbolan and after it was partly cleared the same player crossed the ball in the area and  Conor Borg scored with a flying header, the same player, minutes later,  missed the upright from inside the area after a Sultana perfect cross.

Two minutes before the end the score became 3-0 when substitute Gian Luca Azzopardi served Dale Borg with a short pass from a corner kick who the served Sultana in the area who had no difficulty to beat Camilleri from one metre.

Referee: Martin Borg                       Player of the match: Juan Carlos Corbolan (Floriana)


  1. centez ! says:

    proset hafna boys !


  2. massimo says:

    well done Greens ibqaw sejrin hekk Boy’s.


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