Great success for Mosta cyclists in Santa Marija Sprints

Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 11:11

by Francis R Dimech

This unique sporting event is held every year as part of the annual celebrations of the patron saint of Mosta, Santa Maria. The event is organized by the Mosta AF Sign Studio Cycling Club with the much appreciated help of the Mosta ArchPriest Rev. Father Mario Tong, Mr Mario Riolo, the Police Corp and Mr Nazzareno Vassallo of Vassallo Builders Group Ltd (official sponsors of the event).

Group Photo of Participants and Organizers after the Prize Awards Ceremony  (photo by - Ivan Vella)

Group Photo of Participants and Organizers after the Prize Awards Ceremony (photo by - Ivan Vella)

This year, the Sprints were held on Sunday 8th August along Eucharistic Congress Street which was especially closed off for this event. The weather was perfect, the spectators numerous and a record number of categories contested.

As in previous years, the sprints started with the Under 15 category which this year also saw a record number of cyclists taking part, so much so that separate races were held for boys and girls. The Mosta AF Sign Studio Cycling is proud that the cycling nursery which it started 2 tears ago, is bearing fruit with cyclists as young as 7 years old enjoying the pleasures of organized cycling races and cycling in general.

The sprints for all the different categories were all closely contested however the highlight sprint of the day was the Elite category sprint in which Paul Magri (Mosta C.C.), who has won this event on numerous occasions, was participating as an Elite rider for the last time before becoming a Master.

The Elite Sprint started with a quick break by Mark Bonnici (Melita C.C.), Duncan Galea (Mosta C.C.) and Nikolai Bonello (Mosta C.C.) who led for most of the sprint. These riders were caught up towards the last 200 metres and eventually overtaken by Paul Magri (Mosta C.C.) who finished in 1st place, followed closely by Peirre Borg (Melita C.C.) in 2nd place and Steve Sciberras (Mosta C.C.) in 3rd place.

After the sprints, a prize award ceremony was held. The Vice-President of the Mosta AF Sign Studio Cycling Club, Mr John Magri, thanked everyone who helped organize the event as well as the participants, supporters, spectators and the event sponsor. Mosta Parish ArchPriest Rev. Father Mario Tong blessed the participants and their bicycles whilst wishing them future success. Mr Frank Dimech, Club Secretary, stated that he was pleased the Mosta Club Nursery was doing so well and that it would guarantee more success for the Club in the future. Mr Nazzareno Vassallo, on behalf of Vassallo Builders Group Ltd, stated that Vassallo Builders Group Ltd is proud to have sponsored this event for the past 28 years and pledged to continue doing so in the future. Mr Vassallo presented special mementos to every Under 15 participant and trophies to the winners of all the various categories.


Under 15 Girls:

1st Nina Zammit (Mosta C.C.), 2nd Veronica Sant (Mosta C.C.), 3rd Rebecca Saliba (Mosta C.C.)

Under 15 Boys:

1st Carl Xuereb (Mosta C.C.), 2nd Nicholas Zammit (Mosta C.C.), 3rd Kurt Muscat (Mosta C.C.)


1st Claudia Zammit (Mosta C.C.), 2nd Rachel Pullicino (Mosta C.C.)

Masters 60+

1st Emmanuel Camilleri (Mosta C.C.), 2nd George Gauci (Mosta C.C.), 3rd Edwin Spiteri (Mosta C.C.)

Master 50+

1st Emmanuel Bezzina (Mosta C.C.), 2nd Twanny Pisani (Mosta C.C.), 3rd Charles Zammit (Mosta C.C.)

Masters 40+:

1st Michael Lia (Mosta C.C.), 2nd Jude Zammit (Mosta C.C.), 3rd Manwel Tabone (Mosta C.C.)


1st James Dimech (Mosta C.C.)


1st Paul Magri (Mosta C.C.), 2nd Pierre Borg (Melita C.C.), 3rd Steve Sciberras (Mosta C.C.)

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