Gozo Rugby Club launches logo, kit and major sponsor‏

Tuesday, August 7, 2012, 4:28

Gozo Rugby Club have launched a club logo, playing kit and announced their major sponsor at a press conference today at Xewkija’s NGO Centre in Gozo.

The club’s new logo was designed by Mr Joe Cefai of Cefai Formal Wear and selected after a members vote and features the club’s formation date (2011) and a rugby player with ‘the three hills’ in the foreground – a synonymous icon of the calypso isle.

With players parading in the team’s new kit that is based on a green and white colour scheme, player-coach and founder Clifford Debattista also announced a three year sponsorship deal with Ta’ Mattew Fish Farms Ltd.

Debattista said the support of Ta’ Mattew Fish Farms Ltd was greatly thanks to owner Mr Raymond Bugeja’s love for the island of Gozo.

Mr Bugeja commented: “I have family from Gozo and it is a pleasure to give something back to the island, especially to the Gozo Rugby Club who are a new and enthusiastic team in a sport gaining good ground on the Maltese Islands”

Debattista added “This is a wish come true, I have wished for a rugby club in Gozo from the day I was looking to play the sport myself five years ago but I had to go to Malta to practice the sport I love, however on this glorious day one could say we officially have our own Gozo Rugby Club, registered with KMS, and I look forward to keep working hard to help this club grow on this island”

In this morning’s announcement, club secretary Eman Borg also announced an amendment to the club’s name, now to be known as Gozo Rugby Club.

“Gozo Rugby Club (Gozo RC) is Gozo’s first ever rugby club, and as such, will accommodate both rugby codes in rugby league and rugby union” said Borg.

“We recognise that we are a foundation rugby league club on the Maltese Islands and a foundation rugby club too for the island of Gozo. The club will always have a strong connection to rugby league but the club, together with the backing of the MRL, wishes to also provide the best opportunities for our rugby players” said Borg.

Gozo Rugby Club players gathered after the press conference and jointly paid tribute also to Sportsmania – for the playing apparel, and Gozo Stadium – for the availability of their pitch for the team’s training sessions every Saturday afternoon.

For more information, see www.facebook.com/GOZORUGBYCLUB


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