Government continues to invest in sports

Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 15:18

Government is continuing to invest in sports with the aim of adding professionalism in sport and creating a sports Economy that will result in quality jobs. This was stated by the Hon. Clyde Puli, Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport, during the launch of the Malta Sports Sponsorship Scheme that took place this morning.


During his speech, Hon. Clyde Puli stated that during the past years, the Government has continuously strived to instill a culture of sport through the introduction of various sports programmes, both in schools and in the community. The government has also invested in our upcoming and elite athletes through KMS schemes and other financial incentives. The government has also invested in facilities of the highest standards. Hon. Puli stated that these sponsorships scheme are another link in the chain of work being carried out by the government with the aim of creating a higher level of sports professionalism, run by professionals educated through international institutions.

The Parliamentary Secretary explained how these scholarship schemes have the aim to promote sports as something that can be taken to a professional level and not only as a hobby. He also stated the importance that a change in mentality needs to take place, so that sports will be seen as something professional, and also as an economic contributor. Hon. Puli continued by saying that through these sponsorship schemes, Government is encouraging the specialisation at a professional level resulting in better human resources to administer and organise sport facilities and events, more professional training of athletes, and also the improving of auxiliary support such as that provided by doctors and physiotherapists.

Hon. Puli stated that these schemes are aimed at both athletes who aim at improving their professional training in their field, and also students who would like to obtain qualifications from recognised institutes is subjects such as Sports Administration and Management;  Sports Psychology and Coaching; Sports Exercise and Health; and Sports Law. Hon. Puli also reminded that throughout the legislature, the Government has given more than 1,500 scholarships. Through these scholarships, numerous amounts of youth have specialised in various areas and now find themselves growing in new employment opportunities.

This press conference was also addressed by Mario Azzopardi, a Director within the Directorate for Life Long Learning, who spoke about the unwavering support the Government is giving through the creation of opportunities for further studies resulting in our country excelling in various areas. Malta Sport Council’s chairman, Mr Bernard Vassallo explained the way in which these scholarships will function.



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