GMA MotoFest 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019, 9:43

The Gozo Motocross Association, in collaboration with the Ministry of Gozo and the Gozo Sports Board organised the GMA Moto Fest 2019 as part of the this year’s Gozo Sports Festival. The first part of the GMA MotoFest 2019 was the Gozo Enduro Rally that took place in Xwejni. The second part was at the Gozo Horse Racing track where flat track motocross and autocross competitions entertained spectators.

The competitions started around 12:30pm with no less than 30 Gozitan and Maltese riders competing in a series of three heats, which contained a number of laps, in Classes A, B2 and B4 and C. Anticipation and exhilaration were running high as the dynamic sounds of the 2-stroke and 4-stroke dirt bikes hit the track. Two women riders, Nicole Cutajar and Emma Xuereb also competed in Class C. A numerous crowd enjoyed the friendly yet combative competitions as riders raced energetically across the track that was designed specifically for this event.  The association was honoured by the presence our Maltese counterparts and would like to thank them for their eager participation.

Meanwhile, the autocross competitions also proved to be very interesting. 13 vehicles were divided into standard and modified categories. Their riders challenged each other until 6 of them reached the final races.

Casual Bikers sponsored the winners of this event. Christopher Briffa, who presented motocross riders with UFO Merchandise congratulated the Gozo Motocross Association for supporting local motor sports with such professionality. He looks forward to many more alliances with the Association and its members.

Results where as follows:

Class A:
1st – Bernard Sammut
2nd – Garry Debono
3rd – David Dimech

Class B 4stroke:
1st – Jorn Stellini
2nd – Robert Spiteri
3rd – Glenn Vella

Class B 2stroke:
1st – Nataniel Camilleri
2nd – Daniel Portelli
3rd – Krist Falzon

Class C:
1st – Silvan Caruan
2nd – Kurt Muscat
3rd – Antoine Muscat

Category Standard:
1st – Clayton Cardona
2nd – Malcolm Cefai
3rd – JJ Rapa

Category Modified:
1st – Matthew Vella
2nd – Marvin Grima
3rd – Mario Attard

At the end of the competition, Frank Xuereb, President of the GMA presented trophies and medals. The Gozo Motocross Association would like to thank the Ministry for Gozo as this event would not have been possible without their support . Also a huge thanks goes to veteran Scott Donavan, British motocross ex junior champion and ex-speedway rider, who supplied spectators with the best English commentary. Mr Donovan also looks forward to many more motocross events in Gozo.

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