Globalair Overseas vs Stompers Ryans Bar – 9th January, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010, 9:27

January’s high winds play a part in this, the first MRFU Cup match of 2010.

In the first half, the weather helps Stompers dominate territorially, although Overseas respond with slick handling attacks stretching the Stompers defence.

Overseas Captain, Howland is forced to leave the pitch with a bad cut from a collision minutes before Stompers open the score with a converted try, but the Overseas defence holds fast, especially over Stompers back line.   Nothing , however, stops a superb, long lob by Attard for Stompers putting Debattista in for a try, only to be wasted by dropping the ball at touch down!

A ludicrous and elementary mistake by the referee allow Stompers to start the second half with points achieved from an offside position, but Kemper hits back later with a deserved try for Overseas.

A tough opening match for the year, influenced by injury and referee’s mistakes. Game will be broadcast on Melita Sports this week.

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