Globalair narrow gap with easy win over HSBC

Tuesday, December 7, 2010, 9:59

Fina beat Ramis – slip against PharmaVet

Week eighteen marked the end of the two regular rounds in the Middlesea Valletta Life National League, after which Division I will now split into separate Championship and Relegation pools for a final round. The results among the top four teams made for an interesting third round, as leaders Ramis were beaten 2 – 6 by fourth placed Fina, while Globalair took advantage with an easy 0 – 8 win against HSBC to goe second. slipped to third place after a high rolling 0 – 8 defeat at the hands of PharmaVet. Elsewhere Royal Shock took all eight from Turu’s Knights, while Gladiators and The Clan shared the spoils in a four-all draw.

Globalair’s big win against HSBC puts them just six behind leaders Ramis, after the latter’s loss this week, with a further 24 points up for grabs in the final round. They had no trouble at all dispatching their lesser opponents, starting with a comfortable 760 – 805 game one win. Globalair were four up after game two which they took 738 – 854, before pulling their best game of the series out of the hat to take game three 793 – 913. Neil Sullivan (Globalair), 666. Sammy Borg (HSBC), 571.

Ramis’ 2 – 6 defeat at the hands of Fina makes their long time Div I lead a shaky one all of a sudden, with all still to play for in the title race. Fina impressed against their arch rivals with a 797 – 876 opening win, before doubling their lead in game two, which was a 917 – 941 humdinger. Fina dropped to a 773 in game three, fifty down on Ramis’ 823 effort, which bagged them a quarter share of the points. Danial Swift (Fina), 719, male bowler of the week. Rankin Camilleri (Ramis), 698.

The match of the week was surely that between and PharmaVet. It was another high scoring affair with PharmaVet stunning their opponents by snatching all eight points. Game one was close, PharmaVet clinching it 767 – 783, but the real heart-stopping action game the second with both sides striking steadily, each taking the game to the opponents, with only six pins separating them in the end as PharmaVet won it 872 – 878. Game three saw PharmaVet go a step further, winning it 867 – 931 to make sure of the 100% victory, leaving in sheer disbelief at having failed to take anything away from the match after showing such form. Steve Cassar (PharmaVet), 686. Mark Spiteri (, 685.
Royal Shock also took all eight in week eighteen, winning against Turu’s Knights to stay top of the relegation pool (bottom six teams from ten). They started with an easy 694 – 786 game one result, and then made it 0 – 4 by taking the second 719 – 751. The Knights couldn’t manage to step up their game in order to salvage something in the last of the set, which fell 710 – 738 to Royal Shock. Joe Cassar (Royal Shock), 602. Ryan Grech (Turu’s Knights), 560.

The encounter between Gladiators and bottom side The Clan, ended in a four-all draw. The Gladiators opened weakly with a 622 – 811 game one defeat, but then recovered in game two to go level with an 853 – 805 equalizer. The Clan still held the wood edge as the deciding third game rolled off, and that fell 758 – 661 to their adversaries. That wasn’t enough for the series points which went to The Clan to force the draw (2233 – 2277). Giancarlo Tolu (The Clan), 574. Jean Marc Galea (Gladiators), 550.

Bowlers of the Week:
Danial Swift (Fina), 719
Sue Abela (Fina), 631

Standings – Middlesea Valletta Life National Division I, Week 18
Ramis – 108, Globalair – 104, – 98, Fina – 96, Royal Shock – 68, PharmaVet – 68, Turu’s Knights – 58, Gladiators – 44, HSBC – 40, The Clan – 34

Standings – Middlesea Valletta Life National Division II, Final Standings (Week 18)
Middlesea – 100, Salitos – 98, Spare Me Plz – 86, Malta Int Airport – 82, Supreme – 80, Blitzkrieg – 78, J Grima & Co – 72, Bank of Valletta – 58, 4 Play – 34, Atlas Insurance – 30

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