Globalair claim huge win over Fina. Ramis beat to clinch top spot

Thursday, September 23, 2010, 20:04

Week eight of the Middlesea Valletta Life National League at the SuperBowl was a definitive one, with long time leaders suffering a heavy defeat at the hands of Globalair, and losing their Div I lead to Ramis in one fell swoop. Ramis steamed ahead thanks to their 6 – 2 win against, and there was also a six point win for Royal Shock against The Clan, while PharmaVet vs Turu’s Knights ended in a four all draw. In the meantime, Gladiators saw their recent upturn in form peak with an 8 – 0 thrashing of a beleaguered HSBC outfit.

Fina were served up their first defeat of the current season this week, with victors Globalair really making a meal out of it by grabbing all eight points from the long term leaders. The whitewash started with a good 771 – 705 opening win for Globalair, and the rout continued as they doubled their lead to four with a 771 – 757 game two win. Game three was the biggest of the set, Globalair winning it 710 – 769 to seal all eight points. Neil Sullivan (Globalair), 615. Sue Abela (Fina), 626, female bowler of the week.

Ramis took advantage of Fina’s week eight misfortune, beating 6 – 2 to take the top spot and go six points clear. Theirs was the series of the week (2386) staring with a thrilling 837 – 807 game one win, and they were then four up after taking the second 822 – 744. came back to easily take the third 727 – 807 but lost out on the series draw by 28 pins (2386 – 2358). Dennis Mercieca (Ramis), 655, male bowler of the week. Ray Falzon Reale (, 608.

Fifth placed Turu’s Knights failed to advance further on the leading pack as all they could manage was an equal share of the points in their clash with seventh placed PharmaVet. PharmaVet took the first game of the topsy-turvy series with a 714 – 681 score line, but it was then all square after game two which fell 672 – 746 to the Knights. PharmaVet took the closer final game 749 – 726, but that was not enough for the match as Turu’s Knights won the series by just 19 to force the draw (2135 – 2153). Melissa Swift (PharmaVet), 548. Ramon Casha (PharmaVet), 571.

Royal Shock claimed a majority victory against The Clan this week, the latter still clinging onto survival in eighth place. In fact it was the Clan who claimed the early advantage by taking the opener with a 730 game, against an abysmal 639 from their opponents. Royal Shock responded immediately by stepping up their game by a couple of gears, going level with a 740 – 790 game two win. The Clan still held the wood advantage as the deciding third game rolled off, but they squandered that as they lost it 657 – 797, handing the series to Royal Shock who finished 99 pins better (2127 – 2226). Joe Cassar (Royal Shock), 593. James Vassallo(The Clan), 629.

The Gladiators’ positive run reached a peak this week as they managed a full point victory in their table bottom clash with last placed HSBC, who have struggled to field a first team line up so far this season. Their team problems are surely reflected in their performance, as they barely challenged the Gladiators as the series progressed 730 – 639, 740 – 790, 657 – 797 all in the direction of their opponents. The Gladiators have drawn themselves level on points with The Clan to boost their renewed hopes of survival in this their top flight debut. Matthew Gingell Littlejohn (Gladiators), 535.

Bowlers of the Week:

Dennis Mercieca (Ramis), 655

Sue Abela (Fina), 626

Standings – Middlesea Valletta Life National Division I, Week 8

Ramis – 54, Fina – 48, Globalair – 44, – 40, Turu’s Knights – 34, Royal Shock – 28, PharmaVet – 22, The Clan – 20, Gladiators – 20, HSBC – 10

Standings – Middlesea Valletta Life National Division II, Week 7

Salitos – 38, Spare Me Plz – 36, Malta Int. Airport – 36, Middlesea – 32, Supreme – 28, Blitzkrieg – 26, J Grima & Co – 24, Bank of Valetta – 22, 4 Play – 20, Atlas Insurance – 18

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