Gianluca Dingli keeps an unbeatable performance

Saturday, February 26, 2011, 13:00

by Catherine Micallef. 

The beautiful setting of the Triscina International Karting Circuit at Castelvetrano, hosted the 2nd Round of the Sicilian Rotax Regional Championship in which 16 year old Gianluca Dingli was a front runner during the weekend. More than 50 drivers registered to compete in various categories, who entertained the hundreds of spectators by showing off their driving talents and top performance karts, tuned to perfection by various teams’ mechanics.

 Our first Maltese driver to be appointed with an Italian karting company, BRM International, was set to face 9 Sicilian semi-professionals drivers in his class during the weekend. These Sicilian contenders’ were resolute, to stop Gianluca Dingli winning performance. But Gianluca had other intentions, and started Saturday’s practices runs, registering the fastest lap times lap after lap. Dingli’s competitive talent was perfectly in tune with his BRM Kart prepared by Mario Lena, his Team Manager. By the end of these practise runs, all record lap times were tagged by Dingli. This argued well for the Maltese youngster to keep the pace he had 2 weeks earlier, of winning the 1st Round of this championship.

In the pole position on Sunday morning, Dingli, registered the 2nd best time after the Sicilians made it very difficult for Gianluca to interpret the laps as he wished. In the pre final Dingli managed to place 2nd after Carlo Speciale who was gaining on the Maltese youngster and overtaking him and close monitor Dingli manovers for the duration of race.  Gianluca had to control his nerves and give the best in the final race, as he could not undermine Carlo Speciale as he was recording some very respectable lap times. Gianluca had to give it in from the start but things tend to get the other way as some hesitation, excitement and the pressure that the Sicilians were putting on our Maltese driver made him lose four places by the first corner.  But with great determination, Dingli, was in search for success. Magnificently, Dingli gained momentum and overtook his contenders’ one by one every lap. By the 5 lap, he was the leader of the race.  Back markers tried to slow Dingli and pressure him to do a mistake, but the race Director Signor Vito Lombardo with his experience and discipline showed the warning flags to these drivers.  Gianluca was elated when the race director waved the chequered flag and declared him winner of this round followed closely by Carlo Speciale and 3rd placed Savior Battle.

An engine check along with other drivers’ engines was normally after such competitive heats as kart engines are sealed and cannot be tuned. Gianluca Dingli‘s BRM Kart was declared in conformity with Rotax Technical Rules and Regulations. Signor Mario Lena commented that “Gianluca is maturing his racing character race after race. He is a talented and disciplined competitor who is a real contender to excel in future seasons of this championship but we cannot undermine the Sicilians as they are gearing up to give him some good runs”.  

Dingli will be in Pista Sole Luna in Vittoria for next month for the 3rd round of the Sicilian Rotax Regional championship which is a very difficult and technical track.  Dingli is thankful to his main sponsor Virtu Ferries who are making it possible for him to travel for these races, his employer Hetronic Malta (a division of Methode Electronics Limited), Badger Karting, Hubert Camilleri of Chevron Auto Dealer, Malta Motorsport Federation, Kunsill Malti ghall- iSport, Rabat Local Council, Zoqdi Racing Team and  Silcolene Oils. 



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