Gianluca Dingli in Sicily once again

Monday, April 23, 2012, 15:40

The BRM Virtu Ferries Racing team are once again competing in the Sicilian Regionale Championship with its Driver Gianluca Dingli in the Vortex Super Rok Class.  Gianluca has been leading the championship from the start.  Last week he has been racing in pista Camitrice in Enna Siciliy which is a very difficult track in which he had never raced before.  He was competing with another four top drivers who train constantly in this track.  In the pole Gianluca managed to finish third.  In the prefinal and final he finished first and he battled all the way with the other drivers to the chequred flag.

Gianluca was glad to have won this race.  This season Gianluca had been ordered by BRM Racing Official Team to compete in the Super Rok Class as their official driver in Sicily andItaly.  As the news of Gianluca winning the race arrived in Brescia, official team manager Erminio Bozzoni stated that he was very proud of Gianluca’s result this year and the official team is waiting for Gianluca in Brescia to develop his kart in preparation for the Italian Championship to be held inSiena Italy in September.  Gianluca and his team will be flying to Brescia in June for more testing.

Another young driver of Skola Sports Andreas Camilleri was given the opportunity from BRM Virtu Ferries Racing Team in the same track with small novices and he managed to take first place.  This was a very good opportunity for Andreas who trains regularly under the guidance of Gianluca Dingli in Badger Raceway.  At the moment there are five other young drivers training under the guidance of Gianluca on Sunday mornings and this is mostly welcome even by BRM as it is a part of development of Gianluca’s training.  Gianluca would like to thank his main sponsor Virtu Ferries, his employers Hetronic (Malta) a Division of Methode, Badger Raceway, Sandro Craus Rabat Local Council and Zoqdi Racing Team for preparing his engines.


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