Gianluca Dingli closed his season in style

Thursday, September 22, 2011, 10:00

Seventeen year old Karting Driver Gianluca Dingli of BRM Virtu Ferries Racing Team last weekend competed in the last race of the Sicilian Regionale Rotax Max Championship in the 1,280m long Kartodromo Internazionale Triscina in Castelvetrano Trapani Sicily. 

Gianluca who was accompanied by his parents arrived on track on Saturday morning where he found his team and team manager Mario Lena eagerly waiting for him with his two BRM chassis which displayed logos of Virtu Ferries – Gianluca’s main sponsor – and 2 Rotax Max engines, which engines are restricted and sealed and show the full performance and skills of the driver prepared for Saturday’s practices. 

Gianluca Dingli ends season with podium finish

In the morning practices Gianluca and Mario Lena focused on driving skills on track rather than engine performance and timing.  In the afternoon sessions as Gianluca’s driving skills improved session by session his lap times were amongst the fastest of the top Sicilian drivers which helped Gianluca gain more confidence for Sunday’s race.  On Sunday Gianluca had a very difficult task to choose his chassis and engine for the race as they both had been performing well since Saturday. 

In the pole position he registered a timing of 50.468 seconds and he was 5th from amongst 13 drivers.  The best timing was recorded by Davide Chiarenza which was that of 50.036 seconds.  In the prefinal race Gianluca kept his position and in the final race which consisted of 20 laps he was more concentrated to obtain a place on the podiom than to win the race because he needed only a few points to secure his 2nd place in the Rotax Under 30 Championship and 3rd place in the overall championship.  In fact he managed to moove 2 positions up to finish the race in  3rd place from the under 30′s. 

Before the final race started the race director Mr. Vito Lombardo and other race officials warned all drivers that no kart contact was to take place during the race because they will be highly penalised as they had heard that some foul play was going to take place.  This race result, training, hard work, dedication and determination has given Gianluca a great satisfaction to his karting career.  His team manager Mario Lena commented that 2nd place in under 30 championship and 3rd place in overal championship is a very positive result for Gianluca considering that he had to travel over from Malta for these races and get familiar with new karting tracks that he had never raced in before and that next season he shall be under his guidance for best results during the championsip.

Gianluca thanked his main sponsor Virtu Ferries for making it possible for him to take part in all the championship races, his employers Hetronic Malta (a division of Methode), Mr Edwin Gauci of Badger Raceway for sponsoring his training sessions in Malta, Sandro Craus Mayor of Rabat Local Council, Zoqdi Racing Team, Hubert Camilleri of Chevron Auto Dealer, Viking Signs, MMF, Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport and last but not least his parents Wayne and Marie Therese who support him continously in his sport.

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