George Cassar wins RC Trap Trophy

Monday, February 13, 2012, 14:30

George Cassar was the overall winner of The RC Trap Trophy during a competition organized today by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation at Bidnija.

This competition was on 50 clays Trap, with the top six shooters to qualify for a barrage final of another 25 clays.

George Cassar placed 1st with 42+20=62

Noel Attard placed 2nd with 42+18=60

Paul Vella placed 3rd with 40+19=59

Frank Scorfna placed 4th with 40+17=57

Jason J.Aquilina placed 5th with 40+14=54

Jeffery Pisani placed 6th with 40+11=51

Class A 1st George Cassar 42/50, 2nd Noel Attard 42/50, 3rd Jeffery Pisani 40/50.

Class B 1st Paul Vella 40/50, 2nd Matthew Busuttil 39/50, Jean Pierre Borg 38/50.

Class C 1st Carmel Grech 40/50, 2nd George Ciappara 34/50, 3rd Romeo Cassar 32/50.

Next week Junior Double Trap shooter Nathan Lee Xuereb will be inItalyto participate in The Italian Championships. This will be organized by FITAV at Umbria Verde next Saturday. Nathan will be assisted by MSSF Double Trap Coach Jimmy Bugeja.


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