Gauci wins the Greek International Open

Thursday, September 23, 2010, 14:25

While the Malta Table Football Sports Association, boosted from the recent World title, is preparing for the kick off of the season on 17th October 2010, the Maltese national captain Mark Gauci continued with his positive series by achieving two more important titles in his pockets. Gauci won the International Open of Greece both individually and also with his new team from Athens, Atlas TSC.

Mark Gauci was registered with CCT Roma in Italy until this July. Together with Derek Conti and Samuel Bartolo they formed the Maltese trio of the Italian Serie A team. In the transfer window between July and August, both Mark Gauci and Derek Conti left CCT Roma to Atlas TSC. The latter after eight year span at the Italian team.

The International Open of Greece was the first competition on the calendar of FISTF for this season. Mark Gauci had an impressive run towards the final where he managed a convincing victory against Adrianos Dervis of 6-2 in the last 16. The quarter finals opposed one of the best players of Falcons TSC, another Greek ambitious team who dominated the last years, with Gauci winning this battle for 3-2.

In an all Atlas TSC representatives semi final, between Mark Gauci and Nikos Beis another fresh transfer of the Atlas team, the Maltese player managed to beat Beis 2-1 to reach the final. Once again in the final, the opposition came from Falcons TSC representative. This time, Spyros Hatzaras managed to open a 3-0 advantage in the first ten minutes of the game. For everybody seemed that Mark Gauci went out of energy and the final was a closed matter just in the first half, but a late goal in the first half opened again the match for a possible come back.

The second half was totally for Gauci. He managed not only to score twice and reach the draw but also to miss two important chances which could even crown Mark Gauci as champion before the need to reach the shots.

In this International Open, there was also Derek Conti who reached the quarter finals but did not manage to reach any further. Opposed to Giannis Dakas the match ended up 3-3 but the golden goal was the winner shot for Dakas.

In the teams category, the favourite teams were Atlas TFC fresh of their new signings and Falcons TFC who dominated the Greek scene in the past years. The draw brought the two teams together in Group A of the qualifying round. Atlas won the game against Falcon 3-1 but both teams qualified to the next round. This guaranteed that the only way to see the best teams against each other, was only in the final.

The final offered a number of emotions. The draw in the match, with perfect scores placed the two teams in the shots level. Both captains, who a day before played the final went on to take the shots on behalf of their teams and Mark Gauci once again won again Spyros Hatzaras on the shots.

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  1. Prosit Mark, 2 unuri ohra mal lista tieghek! Awguri! — Alan Abela-Wadge – President Msida SJSC, PRO Msida SJFC


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