GasanMamo employees sail for the day

Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 9:30

Sailing invariably conjures up images of summer luxury in crystal waters, with a backdrop of clear blue skies.  In truth however sailing is hard work and is based on expertise garnered from rigorous training.  It is also one of the greatest examples of good teamwork.

Through GasanMamo Insurance’s support of the boat Comanche Raider II, employees of one of the country’s leading insurance companies took to the sea for their annual team building activity.  The exercise is a golden opportunity for staff members to sharpen individual skills and work together as a team with a single group goal, onboard the well-known racing yacht.

Jonas Diamantino, skipper of the Comanche Raider II, gave up some of his time for GasanMamo’s event and together with his crew took on groups of six and set out to sail.  The Comanche Raider II has featured in most local races and for several years has participated in the Maltese calendar’s most-prized event – the Rolex Middle Sea Race. The crew involved the staff in every aspect of sailing from berthing and tacking to rigging.  The scope of this adventure, other than experiencing the sport of sailing, is to encourage GasanMamo employees from different departments to bond and work together.

Diamantino said: “GasanMamo staff performed excellently and I loved having them on board.  It’s a great thing witnessing good solid teamwork and the will to get there together.  They gave it their all.  Sailing is an exceptionally good exercise.  Every second counts – there can be one single second between victory and failure.  You quickly pull ropes to get the fullest out of the sails, time the coaxing of the wind and tack with precise skill.  All of it requires incredible teamwork based on trust and open channels of communication.  And GasanMamo employees rose to the challenge!”

Julian J. Mamo, Director of GasanMamo Insurance thanked Jonas Diamantino for making sure the Company’s annual event was a success.  “This event grows more popular every year and our staff looks forward to the experience which is not only a fun-filled adventure, but serves also to bring us together.”

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