Galea dominates the day and championship score

Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 22:43

The 8th event of the ASM National Autocross Championships was held on Sunday 22ndJanuary. |All kinds of weather from sun, wind, rain showers and cloudy weather played their role on the ASM race Circuits during the event. These natural ingredients managed to drastically change the track conditions between the three qualifying heats.

As the Autocross cars are equipped for such conditions, the program proceeded through the various conditions which made autocross racing more interesting to watch.



Patrick Cassar dominated the three qualifying heats and secured his place on the Final ‘A’ Start Line. As the Start Lights went off, all the six cars blasted off the line. It was Christian Galea on his Ritmo who took the lead by a couple of meters by the first right-hander. From there on, he drove to the limit to secure his position and build a marginal gap though the pressure was great due to fact that the best three drivers in the Championship results list were racing shoulder to shoulder. Pat Cassar made pressure on Galea but Cassar himself had pressure from Scicluna who has driving close behind. For 5 Laps Galea Cassar and Scicluna never changed place. In no time Josef Abela (Nova 29) was in 4th place while Christian Calleja on a Corsa and Joseph Martin on his Ka were battling and changing place on a number of times. On the 6th Lap Cassar accidentally hit a tyre barrier and damaged his steering system thus he was forced to slow down and lost his 2nd place in the race to all the other competitors. Galea secured his 1st place, followed by Scicluna, Abela, Calleja and Martin.

In the Class B Finals Manuel Muscat on his Opel took the lead and led the rest to the chequered flag. He was followed by Matthew Borg on a Nova in 2nd place. Paul Zammit who was in 3rd place was repeatedly building a larger gap over Caruana on a Nova and Cortis on a Fiat Uno. Muscat drive his car impeccably in 1st place ahead of Borg’s Nova, Zammit was leading the 2nd group and was ahead of Caruana’s Nova and Cortis who was forced to retire due to a mechanical failure.

Another Motorsport event is scheduled for the 5th of February starting at 11.00am. Autocross will be run in a Counter-clockwise direction for 3 Heats and 2 Final races. Motocross racers of Classes A and B will be run on the one Kilometre Motocross track.

Practice Sessions will be held on Saturday 4th February from 2.00pm to 4.00pm


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