Galea and Camilleri win ASM 2012 Championships

Sunday, May 27, 2012, 8:02

The ASM Pasta Poiatti National Championship winners were declared during last Sunday’s event 20th May after 15 Autocross events throughout the season. The Moto-Trials Championship will be concluded next Saturday 26th May from 4.00pm.

The heats for the Motocross Class A started on Sunday at the strike of 11.00am. Clayton Camilleri together with Carmel Borg made an excellent start for the 14 minutes race on their powerful motorbikes. Carmel and Clayton were closely followed by brothers Paul and Chris Muscat both on KTM’s. The competition was tough and places changed throughout the race. One particular moment Clayton slowed down because of a cracked part on the bike which was later replaced. This resulted in Borg winning the race and he was followed by Paul Muscat and Edward Ciantar.

During the 2nd heat Borg fell off his bike and Chris Muscat took the lead on his KTM. Soon Borg regained his placing but a few laps later Camilleri and Paul Muscat ditched the ground yet they finished the race in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Heat three was dominated by Paul Muscat for all of the 10 laps but in less than 100 meters away from the Finish Line Paul fell off his bike and both Borg Carmel and Clayton took advantage to take over while Paul finished in 3rd place.

Motocross Class B was dominated by James Zahra on his Yamaha as he won two of the day’s three heats and was followed by Turu Micallef and Hughston Ciantar both on Honda machines. Though Zahra won best points of the day he did not win enough points to win the championship but is placed 3rd Overall.

Now all the Championship events were run and Clayton Camilleri won this years Title with 182 points from 200 on his KTM. Carmel Borg is Runner-Up with 171 points on his Suzuki RMZ while Paul Muscat placed 3rd overall on his KTM with 157 points.

Turu Micallef won the Motocross Class B title with 166 points. Charles Borg from Gozo is runner-up with 127 points on his Honda. James Zahra follows with 122 points.

No driver won all the qualifying heats on this last Autocross event. Yet, the Finalists for Class A were:- Christian Galea on a Fiat Ritmo, Patrick Cassar, Manuel Muscat and Matthew Grech all on Opel Corsa, Melo Zammit on an Escort Mk 3 and Josef Grech on a Fiesta Mk 3. Patrick Cassar and Christian Galea made a very good start with Patrick taking the lead and both held this position right to the Finish Flag. It was a great race for the leaders and also for 3rd placed Manuel Muscat and 4th placed Melo Zammit. Yet, Zammit fouled Muscat who was forced to retire and Zammit was expelled by the race referee. Soon Josef and Matthew Grech battled their way to the finish and placed 3rd and 4th respectively.

Starters for Class B Final Championship race were as follows:- Keith and Matthew Borg on a Nova and Mario Scicluna on an Opel Corsa. Paul Zammit on a Fiesta, Josef Abela on an Opel Nova and Ryan Scerri on a Fiesta. Mario Scicluna made a very good start and led Matthew and Keith Borg for two laps. He was forced to retire due to an engine failure and Matthew took the lead followed by Keith while Josef held his place to Ryan’s fast Fiesta. Keith Borg increase pressure and placed first ahead of Matthew Borg and Josef Abela Nova cars. Ryan was forced to retire because of a broken wheel rim.

The Finalist result sheet identifies Christian Galea Winner Autocross Class A with 90 points on his Fiat Ritmo prepared by Zanu Racing Team while ex-Champion Patrick Cassar is Runner-up with one point less and 89 points. Cassar drives the Opel Corsa prepared by Tony Engineering Works.

Autocross Klass B winner is Matthew Borg with 55 points on his Vauxhall Nova prepared by Cisku-Gaga Team. Runner-Up is Mario Scicluna with 46 points on his Ginger Racing Team prepared Opel Corsa.

The last Competition to conclude the Moto-Trials will take place next Saturday 26th May from 4.00pm. It will take place at the ASM Racing Circuits at Ta Qali. John and Edward Bonello will control the Trials  events. Two classes will be in competition mainly those for experienced and for Novices from the ASM Nursery for Trials Bikers.


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