Gabaretta and Soler set up final clash with Neptunes

Saturday, September 11, 2010, 19:40

Sliema McDonald’s yesterday evening dominated San Giljan Firetech in a show of force that ended 21-10 in favour of the Blues. Sliema had Jerome Gabaretta and John Soler in fantastic form, sharing ten goals between them and leading the Sliema attack.

San Giljan found it hard to maintain the rhythm of their opponents and were trailing 11-4 at half time with some very precise shooting from the Blues who also made good use of their man-up situations.

After the break, Afric sent his reserve players into the water to save his top guns for tomorrow’s big clash against Neptunes, but with only Toth finding the net for San Giljan in the third session, Sliema maintained their substantial lead.

The fourth session was merely a formality, finishing in Sliema’s favour to the tune of 6-4 and setting up the much awaited Knockout final with Neptunes tomorrow at 5:30pm. Before this clash, Marsascala will be seeking the double as they face Marsaxlokk in the Second Division knockout final at 4:00pm.

Do you think that Neptunes will clinch the much awaited double or will Sliema spoil the party and take this title home and add it to their Winter League success?

Sliema 21 – San Ġiljan 10
(7-2, 4-2, 4-2, 6-4)

Sliema: R. Coleiro, J. Gabaretta 5, N. Lubrano 2, P. Privitera 1, M. Meli 2, J. Soler 5, M. Spiteri Staines, J. Brownrigg, C. Debono 1, A. Kunac 2, M. Rizzo 2, B. Rath 1, D. Abela.

San Ġiljan: K. Schembri, C. Spiteri de Barro, M. Pace, K. Galea 2, C. Gialanze, K. Dowling, H. Nossek 1, A. Bianchi, E. Aquilina, K. Galea, P. Fava 1, M. Toth 6, J. Ebejer.


  1. paula says:

    Oops, i must have hit a sore point, dear Beppe. It was Joey ,or whoever, who assumed li qlajna damdima minghand in-neputi, so you actually asked for it. Kindly be informed that i know exactly what went on between him and the committee since i was informed by an inside informer of the Neptunes Club. It seems that the “neputi” is not the only one b’ilsienu twil.


  2. veteran says:

    Kemm toffendi l-verita! Why don’t you watch the match again on tv and try and solve the confusions the referees created.


  3. sport fan says:

    vetera tarah kbir!!!!!!!

    neptunes are by far the best team this year. and you have the best team since foreigners were introduced. But that is the problem with you. You are very arogant and cos you have the best team you are untouchable.

    Your superiority this year is also there beacause sliema are much weaker than they use to be last year.. It would have been much more interesting and no one know who would have won, if josie, valletta and fodor would still be in their team.

    Apart from that on paper you are much better than you show in the pool so do not get cocky and sure of yourslef.



    josie and valletta stopped because their cycle was over , you cant play forever. after the first nep sliema draw you idolized ryan now suddenly he is not good enough. you replaced fodor with a world champion like kunac and valletta with paul privitera so please no excuses. neptunes in one year lost both karl galea and edward cachia , for different reasons, and they both had alot of playing time left in them. now if neptunes were able to fill the void and you were not hats off to them


    sport fan Reply:

    1 i am not a sliema fan im just saying my opinion..

    2 both josie’s and valletta’s cycle did not finish they had to stop for family/work reason. they could both have easily played this year and a few more years….
    and the fact that josie was player of the year and valletta the year before… and national team badly wants them proves what value they had. (same goes for fodor)

    3 ryan,kunac,and privitera are all worthy and valuble player but they are not of the level of valletta,josie,and fodor

    4 u are comparing sliema’s player 2 players who always played the whole match visavie cachia who is a sub and galea who was basically kicked out of neptunes by the committee.

    im not saying the neptunes committe did not do a good job. and definitely hats off to them, cos this year you built the best team on the island… i’m just saying you don’t need to be arrogant like veteran was…

    qiskom uv been winning league for the past 10 years without losing 1 game



    of course youre not a sliema fan you just feel the need to stick up for them because you happen to be very sensitive on the issue. valletta is 37 and josie is 35 i dont know how much longer they could have played they obviously didnt have enough motivation. regarding cachia and galea they were surely not neptunes game winners but they still played their part especially when you consider that instead of them there are now two 16 yo that are pratically fixed to the bench. and also kunac was a choice your coach+committee sure they based their choice on what they saw last year and felt he was up to the is not arrogance . 

    sport fan Reply:

    ok mate u got im a sliema fan!!!!!! tajjeb hekk!!!!!!!!!

    im not defending anyone im just saying what i think…
    vujasinovic is 39 for that matter and still plays with the best club in serbia so is bogdan rath and plays in A1.

    Joe caruana dingli at the age of 40 was still malta’s No.1 choice…

    certain players remain good even at an old age….

    and i never said kunac was not good or not the right choice, for that matter i think he is a fantastic player, unlike many others,,, but i just think fodor is better.

    and im not defening sliema.. i just think that this year neptuens were/are by far the best team and if u can keep the right mentality you have the oppurtunity to remain so for the coming years.

    i just do not like you arrogance that is all that when you have a good/the best team you think you are untouchable and that no on can compete with you


    Veteran Reply:

    I don’t see why I was stamped as arrogant. What I wrote was a genuine opinion. Despite tonight’s result, and there will be big talk on this I am sure, I still maintain Neptunes are the best this year. As I said earlier, Neptunes are guided by a shrewd tactician who never threatened or uttered disparaging remarks on the referee and the foreign players they have must rank as the best this year


    sport fan Reply:

    no more comments PALLANUOTO?????

    and veteran….. i never called you as in you arrogant. When i said YOU i meant NEPTUNES. You win 1 league and you feel untouchable, that is the reason that i called you arrogant.

    I was on the netpuens side yesterday and people of neptunes were all talking by how many goals they are going to win, and not hoping they would win.

    You won 1 league felt untouchalbe and you thought the KO would automatically come to you. When sliema had a far better team than yours they always beat you comfortably I would say and that is because they never thought they were the best but worked hard and won in the water


    Veterani Reply:

    If I carry on it will be never ending!! I wonder what your opinion about the two referees is?


    sport fan Reply:

    my frined whether you beleive me or not it is up to you. but i assure you, I am not a sliema fan.

    With regards to refs, until proven guilty i will always give the benefit of the doubt. I am sure you understand that it is extremely hard to ref a waterpolo match and I am sure you also know refs are bound to make msitakes. My opinion is that during a season refs give and take. And yesterday I think they gave more to sliema yes.

    As I said I have nothing against neptunes. I only think you sometimes tend to let success go to your heads. Your administration this year made a perfect job if you ask me. with the choice of foreigners, when selling galea (I was totaly surprised at first, but seeing the way the team was set up, it made total sense) and also ith the acquisition if ian bugeja..

    Like i said I think you have the best team, and if you keep your feet on the ground you can remain the best team for years t come


    dont talk rubbish.of course ill comment. neptunes finished the league unbeaten and showed they were superior right from the start . sliema have never finished the season unbeaten so i dont really know what you mean by comfortable. yesterdays game was ridiculous one bad decision after another. neptunes were not at their best but they still managed to go from 6-2 down to 10-9 up and then thats when the real show started. soler turns around and hits jordan camilleri in the face and is rewarded with an exclusion in his favour.kunac shoots hits the bar the ball is already in neptunes possession and balzan whistles an exclusion at 8m on molnar who had left on a counter and was held. on the same exclusion soler gives a pass on the post that is two metres too high , the ball ends up in neptunes possession but the italian whistles a penalty. now i dont really know what you might have seen from the neptunes side where you claim to have been sitting but i watched the game on tv with the added advantage of replays and i still havent figured out what the referee saw because stevie clearly had both arms raised high in the air. to add insult to injury this was stevie’s third personal fault and neptunes had to fight off the last few minutes without their best player in the water


    sport fan Reply:

    where am i talking rubbish??? mate…. in the last 2 years sliema had the better correct? better foreigners better maltese players probably. and sliema won boht league and KO. and always beat neptunes when it mattered (that is what i meant by beating neptunes comfortable. hard fought game but sliema always having the edge). this is what neptunes did this year in the league twice.

    obviously your year has been more succesful than sliema, and i definatley agree that the 3 cups sliema one would definatley have been traded by any sliema player or supporter with your league, cos that is what matters the most.

    All Im saying is that Neptunes do indeed have the best team on the island, but you do not know how to keep your feet on the ground. Just because you have the best team, best coach and best players it doesnt mean you are going to win.

    I think this year neptunes had a good enough team to win all the matches. Ko included but they didnt because they thought they did not need to work hard for it in all the games…

    Issa if you want to keep attacking the referees do so, if it helps you sleep better. but like that you will never learn.

    incredible Reply:

    The refs are human and are allowed to make mistakes, as they have made several times in games. they have been made mistakes in favor of neptunes, against sliema, in favor of sliema, against neptunes etc etc…….an example, the penalty of stevie against sliema might have been dubious, but that was what, 1 dubious mistake in favor of neptunes? ppl forget to consider the other mistakes that went the other way……….to a certain extent i can even accept several mistakes against my team…………

    but in my opinion its all about HOW and in what MANNER the refs give their decisions……….its not because they gave a controversial penalty, and its not because they gave a controversial keccija, its the way they went about it………several examples………….how is it that as soon as the italian referee gives a contra foul for soler head-butting jordan (doubt it was intentional), balzan proceeds to give a keccija, after the italian ref has already given a contra foul? how is it that ONLY AFTER kunac has shot and neptunes are in possession that balzan gives a keccija to molnar at what 9m for no apparent reason? why is it that after sliema continuously flicked the ball after fouling a player and didnt get 1 keccija, then when gravina does it once its automatically a keccija no questions asked (balzan again); how is it when a bad pass from soler to gerome from position 4 to 3 in man-up leads to a penalty (conveniently getting stevie fouled out) when it was clear that it was a bad pass and that stevie had 2 hands out of the water (gerome didnt even play for the penalty!)………..there are many more i can mention……….in the last game of the league neptunes suffered 12 keccijiet, 2 of which are penalties, and last game only 8……..but the difference is that in the 10-9 game the zone of neptunes was v poor and the ball was always passed into the centre, and therefore the keccijiet were deserved, while in the 13-11 loss the zone was done well and the ball hardly ever reached the centre………but still they found any means to get our players fouled out…… occurred around 3 times (besides those i mentioned) where the 30 sec shot-clock expired and the ref conveniently awarded a man-up or a penalty………and for neptunes to get a keccija? practically impossible……..molnar (1 of the best centres ever) was being drowned by paul or clint, and more contra fouls were given rather than keccijiet. were either going to be objective or we arent……….again its not because a keccija was given or a penalty or contra foul, but its the way in which they were given………at 2-1 up neptunes suffered a record amount of contra fouls, with sliema counter-attacking and scoring (them too committing attacking fouls but not being sanctioned) which led to a 6-2……..then the refs calmed down, neptunes recovered, went 10-9 and conveniently the dubious decisions went against us till the game was killed off………..go and watch the game bil-kwiet as i did and see where all the controversial decisions occured, either from 2-1 nep to 6-2 sliema, or at 10-9 nep to 13-11 sliema…….then once the game is over they give us a easy keccija to balance things out, little too late the game was already over

    consider the fact that balzan works directly under tony psaila (who is acting as temporary sliema president atm) and that De mea was seen all morning with a father of a sliema player at the airport, and one begins the wonder…………doubt its a case of bribery or corruption, but couldnt it be a small favor given by the refs to sliema due to their working conditions or an old favor (de mea)? i thought these days were over after michael soler used to give italian refs free accomodation at the galaxy, but i seem to be wrong!

    I was there Reply:

    I was there at the check-in area at 5.30 a.m. To my utter disbelief at 5.45 am I saw Mr Cyril Gabaretta and Mr Domenico De Meo walking together to the final check-in and up to the departure lounge. I was flabbergasted. I could’nt believe my eyes. I passed a comment but they pretended not to have heard me though De Meo then kept looking back to see whether I was following them. Shameful.

  4. Veteran says:

    My honest opinion is that Sliema will not manage to beat Neptunes this season.
    First of all Neptunes are guided by an honest mentor who has succeeded to knit all the players together and gone are those days when players did not work for each other. The hard-working Neptunes committee, together with coach Markoc and in agreement with ALL the players have embarked on clean-the-cobwebs programme that has disciplined the players forming the senior squad who now enjoy the faith of the committee and all supporters. The supporters are very proud of their playing squad.
    With this sound base and having in the side World and Olympic goal medalists as Vujasinovic and Molnar, and outstanding Maltese starlet Stevie Camilleri, I see no chance for any local team to lower the Neptunes colours this season and this of course includes our opponents in the KO Cup final!!


    paula Reply:

    Maybe you should change your nome de plume as Fortune Teller.


    fredu Reply:

    Ara min waqa mis-sodda!! U kemm ihobb idamdamkhom in-neputi!


    paula Reply:

    Joey/Fredu/veteran or whoever you are, why not show your true identity you coward. Id-damdima il-Kumitat tan-Neptunes kienu ser itieh lil neputi meta riedu ikkeccuh. Jew forsi int weihed minhom, li qbilt mad-decizjoni? Have you got the face to deny the fact that Neptunes were favoured in the final league match, or is it when Neptunes fail, do you have the guts to critisise the referees.

    paula Reply:

    By the way, can you please enlighten us with the name of the neptunes player who threw the runners up trophy in the small pool? Maybe he should be nominated as Sore or Sorest Loser of the Year.

    Beppe Reply:

    Paula since when do you actually care about the well-being of your nephew? mela ma gabjtx tghajru fuq facebook……..what happened between the committee and michele is none of your business, and it’s very convenient for you to manipulate the facts. what ever happened between the two seemed to have had a positive effect, as Neptunes went on to win the league unbeaten, and Michele had one of his best seasons. Stop pretending like you actually care; and once the ‘hype’ of winning the KO passes, you can look back at the season and see how Neptunes were unbeaten champions (I doubt not even you can remember the last time Sliema did that), and that your beloved nephew Michele played a major role in that feat.

    veteran Reply:

    Paul. Unfortunately your comment is spot on. I never expected such filthy control from both referees. Maybe there will be someone who will enlighten us about what happened in the next few days.



    paula are you TWIN 1 or TWIN 2 because i always seem to get you confused. and must i say its really nice of you to defend family no matter what especially after what your family has been through this year. shame on you

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