Futsal League Winners – Correction of Press and TV reports by Lazio Supporters Club Malta

Thursday, June 7, 2012, 7:51

Recent articles in the press, websites and TV interviews were unfortunately misguiding regarding past winners of the local Futsal league championship. The wrong information was given to the sports enthusiasts, especially those following the futsal game when it was erroneously reported that ‘Excess RP Bidnija had once again won the Futsal National League.’


The facts, well known to those involved in the running/organisation of futsal, is that ‘Excess RP Bidnija, led by President Mr Mario Vella, have won their first Futsal National League since the previous two national leagues (i.e seasons 2009/2010 and 2010/2011) had been won by a completely different team – ZC Excess Lazio – which in these two successful and memorable seasons were led by their President Mr Edward Psaila.

It  was at the end of season 2010/2011 that ZC Excess Lazio  were amalgamated with RP Bidnija, and a new team – Excess RP Bidnija – was launched, winning their first Futsal national league in their first try , for this I congratulate them for their  outstanding season.

Lazio Supporters Club Malta

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