Futsal for Kids – Fun in learning

Monday, January 24, 2011, 16:14

The Malta Football Association in collaboration with the Malta Futsal School organised on Sunday morning the events Futsal for Kids at the Cottonera Sports Complex which attracted an enthusiastic group of young players to learn about the game.

The Maltese and the French National Teams where present for the event to participate and teach the kids about this emerging sport. Both teams acknowledged the fact that the young players should consider themselves lucky that they were introduced to the sport at such a young age and mentioned the fact that Spain, winners of the last World Cup, had a lot of players who started off their football career from the Futsal arena. They also referred to the fact that all the three finalists of this year’s Ballon D’Or were futsal players in the past.

The French team took part in a competition with the young ones to score against the national team keeper and also took part in a crossbar challenge and a target competition. The Maltese team assisted the future stars in various training drills and showed them various movements in the field of play. Together with the Coaches from the Malta Futsal School they were also guided in the correct trapping of the ball which in this sport is crucial, certain technical skills and the rotation of the players which is also an essential scheme in Futsal.

The young players getting the most points from the competitions being organised in this open event were awarded with pins and banners of the French and Maltese National Team.

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