Full Points for okmalta.com, Ramis, Turu’s Knights

Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 19:56

Fina drop two as title race moves towards end-game

With week fourteen completed, only four weeks remain in the current MSV Life National League at the Eden SuperBowl, where okmalta.com managed to maintain their two point advantage at the top of Division I. They were 8 – 0 winners against bottom side Supreme, while second placed Ramis produced a similar victory over Rogantino’s. Third placed Fina dropped two points in their victory against The Clan and so are now four below the top spot, and there was another 6 – 2 win for J Grima & Co against MIA. Turu’s Knights took all eight from their clash with struggling St. James Hospital.

Top team okmalta.com faced bottom side Supreme in week fourteen, the latter having surely given up all hope of survival in the top flight. The defending champions seemed to struggle with the lanes in the early stages, but took the first game 706 – 620 for the early lead. Game two was closer but the leaders made it 4 – 0 with a 736 – 706 game win, before finally showing a little of their title winning style, winning the last game 822 – 667 to complete the 8 – 0 whitewash. Mark Bugeja (okmalta.com), 650. Tony Paris (Supreme), 515.

Ramis shot the team series of the week (2388), claiming all eight points against Rogantino’s to stay within two points of the league leaders. The match results progressed: 680 – 807, 734 – 773, 782 – 808. Ramis’ Mark Spiteri was once again in blistering form for his side, shooting an excellent 192-232-260 set (684 total) to keep his place at the top of the high-average table, with an excellent 212 average over 42 games. Spiteri again claimed the Bowler of the Week honours. Joe Cassar (Rogantino’s), 548.

Fina are now four points down on the top spot in third, after their majority win against The Clan (seventh) this week. Their two point slip up game in the tight opening game, which went 781 – 798 to The Clan, but Fina were quick to draw level by easily winning game two 722 – 651. The Clan were again below par in game three, which went 752 – 646 to Fina, handing a 6 – 2 win to the latter. Justin Caruana Scicluna (Fina), 676.

Turu’s Knights are looking to secure fourth place, and went a step closer by bagging an 8 – 0 week fourteen victory against St. James Hospital, who are now in the second relegation spot. The Knights seemed to gain more composure as the match progressed, as they won the first of the series 692 – 602, and then took game two 763 – 683 to make it 4 – 0. Game three saw their best effort, as they improved to an 805 game against a 646 from their opponents. Tiziana Carannante (Turu’s Knights), 580. Helenio Grech (St. James Hospital), 530.

Sixth placed J Grima & Co picked up a 6 – 2 win against MIA who are striving to avoid the drop, their minimal share of this week’s spoils was enough to lift them a single point above the drop zone. J. Grima & Co went ahead after game one, which they won 757 – 708, but MIA then levelled is at two apiece, with a tight 752 – 758 game two win. The deciding third game was even closer, with J. Grima & Co taking it by a mere two pins (724 – 722). They claimed the match thanks to their better opening win, which tipped the series in their favour (2233 – 2188). Melissa Swift (J. Grima & Co), 582, female bowler of the week. Alfred Pulis (MIA), 524.

Bowlers of the Week:

Mark Spiteri (Ramis), 684

Melissa Swift (J. Grima & Co), 666

MSV Life Division I Standings: Week 14

Okmalta.com – 88, Ramis – 86, Fina – 84, Turu’s Knights – 68, Rogantino’s – 60, J Grima & Co – 51, The Clan – 44, M.I.A. – 31, St. James Hospital – 30, Supreme – 18

MSV Life Division II: Week 16

Spare Me Plz – 91, Gladiators – 80, 4-Play – 73, Blitzkrieg – 68, Bank of Valletta – 66, HepO2 Acorn – 63, Vintage – 63, X S – 61, Middlesea Insurance – 54, Kiwis – 21

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