From Belfast with a Title Belt

Friday, April 23, 2010, 6:00

This month Daniel Żahra, member of the Ying Yang Kickboxing Club, succeeded yet again in winning a World Kickboxing Network (WKN) match. This time he went to Belfast in order to secure his prize. The competition was organized by the local Kickboxing Club, ProKick, which is also a member of the (WKN).

Żahra, faced Mark Bird, a rising star in the Northen Ireland Kickboxing scene, in the main event of an 18-match night between Ireland, Scotland and England. Both athletes competed for the WKN International Prestige Bout with Żahra hitting the scale at 71Kg and Bird at 68Kg. They competed in a four round match of two minutes each with K1 Oriental Rules which allowed the use of knee techniques.

Żahra and Bird gave a continuous display of Kickboxing techniques involving punches, kicks and knees. The first three rounds were all controlled by Żahra by always keeping Bird under constant pressure and changing strategy. In the second round Żahra almost did Knock Out Bird by hitting him with a spinning kick to the head. In the fourth and final round both kickboxers were reacting to each others attacks. In the end of the match the judges gave victory to Żahra by points.

Żahra took the place of a French Kickboxer that originally had to compete with the Irish representative. Żahra accepted the out of the blues challenge even though he wasn’t preparing for any competition and had just came out of a two week rest due to an injury.

With this win Żahra has a WKN record of four wins out of four matches. Last September he took part and won his category in the WKN Kickboxing World Cup that was organised here in Malta. Master Noel Mercieca, founder of the Ying Yang Club, is preparing Terence Cilia for a competition in Malta against Prokick’s member Stuart Jess in May.

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