Frans Pace strikes bronze at Nando Rossi Memorial

Tuesday, September 7, 2010, 12:41
Frans Pace (right) on the podium

Frans Pace (right) on the podium

Last weekend a contingent of Maltese Trap shooters took part in the Nando Rossi Memorial Shoot in Italy together with 260 shooters from eight nations.

Frans Pace managed 91/100 to qualify for the barrage final among the top six shooters. During the barrage finals the Italian shooter managed 22 to place first overall while Frans Pace and the Turkish shooter managed 20 each. A shoot off had to determine the second place where the Turkish shooter managed 5 clays and Frans Pace managed 4 clays to win the Bronze medal.

The Indian shooter placed fourth. The Iranian placed fifth and the Russian placed sixth.

MSSF Trap shooters Brian Galea and Stephen Vella both managed 46/50 to win cash prizes. Joe Cutajar, Anthony Sammut, Lino Galea and Charles Demanuele also took part in this event.

Pace goes on to win Franwin Trophy at Bidnija

Frans Pace was the overall winner of The Franwin Trap Trophy during a competition organized by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation at Bidnija.

Frans Pace managed a straight of 25/25 in his first round and 23 in his second for a total of 48/50+19=67

George Cassar placed second with 46+19=65

Brian Galea placed third with 48+16=64+s/off+6

Jason J.Aquilina placed fourth with 45+19=64+s/off+5

Nazzareno Attard placed fifth with 45+17=62

Eugene Borg placed sixth with 44+14=58

Class A 1st Brian Galea 48/50.2nd Frans Pace 48/50, 3rd George Cassar 46/50.

Class B 1st Frank Scorfna 41/50, 2nd Emmanuel Saliba 41/50. 3rd Charles Demanuele 37/50.

Class C 1st Joe Cutajar 42/50, 2nd Paul Gatt 40/50. 3rd Kevin Bonnici 38/50.

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