Franklin Formosa leads with 2.24kg

Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 6:35

This was the third match of the season for the KSFA singles league 2011 sponsored by Mister Fish. 24 members were divided in 3 sections, according to their previous position attained during Isla’s first match.

Franklin Formosa

A southwesterly wind was blowing lightly, yet increased by time to force 4-5. Immediately after the competitors were positioned in their pegs; rods, reels, rigs and were set, hoping they could provide the necessary tools in catching bottom fish such as bream and wrasses.

Early signs showed that the section consisting of Clayton Camilleri, Franklin Formosa, Saviour Borg, Jason Vella, Steve Johnston, James Micallef, Mario Marlow and Fortune Calafato, were doing well, with some of the anglers landing a double fish a cast. Although no big fish were registered, apart some nice gurnards, Franklin Formosa managed to register a very good weight of 2.24 kilos, and also had a difficult hurdle to win the 8 points and maintain his perfect record to 16 points.

These were the weights registered by the first 3 classified anglers on the day. For full results of the Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association singles league 2011 you can click here

1.       Franklin Formosa 2.24kg.

2.       Mario Marlow 2.09kg.

3.       Fortun Calafato 1.92kg.

Next match will take place in Bighi as a reschedule of match nr2 which was postponed due to very bad weather earlier thius month, with five competitors showing clear interest in winning the KSFA singles league 2011. Tight lines to all! 
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