Fourth pistol and revolver shooting competition held

Monday, August 8, 2011, 11:36

Last Sunday the  (MRPSC) held the fourth pistol and revolver shooting competition of the season at the Victoria Ranges, Tal-Handaq.
Sixteen shooters competed in the two events of the programmed namely the ISSF Rimfire and Centrefire categories.
Anthony Mifsud retained his lead in both disciplines by placing first with 353 in the rimfire and 364 in the centerfire events.  Newcomer Clive Brockdorff was hot on his tracks with a second placing 347 in the rimfire and third placing 335 in the cernterfire.  Michael Risiott placed second in the centerfire with 340 whilst Charles Wallbank placed third in the rimfire with 335.
The competitions were judged by ISSF referee Gino Galea .
At the end of the shoot trophies were distributed to the first three winners in each category by Mr. Josef Gatt proprietor of Beldiam Gioielleria in Attard who kindly sponsored the event and trophies.
The MRPSC ISSF shooting competition is a monthly event open to Target Shooter License A members ,  The MRPSC plans to expand its program of promoting ISSF by participating in overseas rifle and pistol shooting competitions.Those are interested this September there are the Commonwealth games, and members of our club are going to participated in the fullbore rifle (7.62mm) on 300, to 900mtr iron sights.  Any licensed shooter wishing to participate in upcoming events can contact Patrick Azzopardi, chairman of the at the MRPSC, at the offices of the Malta Sport Shooting Federation in Bidnija. 

The next event, scheduled for September, will include a special category for .45ACP which will be the first competition of its class to be held in Malta date is on the 21th September,( moor detail to be follow) and continued the ISSF Program the 5th competition on the 4th September. Now a new competition is going to be including in this ISSF Event ,an other class is open for both hands shooters, in centerfire and rimfire under  same rules..22lr in Rim and till 9mm/38 in centerfire.

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