Four National short course records

Monday, November 22, 2010, 10:00

Andrew Chetcuti, who has been residing in Dubai with his family since 1995 and attends Dubai College, established four National short course records when participating in the Irish National short course Swimming Championships held in Leisureland Galway between the 18th and 21st November.

Chetcuti will be part of the ASA National Swimming Team consisting also of  Neil Agius, Andrea Agius, Edward Caruana Dingli, Daniel Galea, Mark Sammut and  Davina Mangion, Melinda Sue Micallef, Nicola Muscat and Talisa Pace  who will be participating in the 10th FINA World Short Course Championships being held in Dubai next month. 

1Andrew Chetcuti50m Freestyle00:23,6700:24,96Andrew Chetcuti2009
Andrea Agius
2Andrew Chetcuti50m Butterfly00:25,7000:26,62David ZammitJul-09
3Andrew Chetcuti100m Freestyle00:52,5500:54,07Neil AgiusOct-09
4Andrew Chetcuti100m Butterfly00:57,9100:58,46Mark SammutOct-10
Eight Age Group Records
The following are the eight Age Group records broken during the ASA Swimming Time Trials held at the National Pool Tal-Qroqq on Saturday 20 November.  
1Nicola MuscatD100m Freestyle00:59,6201:00,30Talisa PaceJun-09
2Nicola MuscatD200m IM02:31,6602:33,94Talisa PaceJun-09
3Amy MicallefB50m Free00:29,8800:30,05Amy MicallefMay-10
4Amy MicallefB200m IM02:37,1102:43.13Christine CachiaJun-96
5Azzopardi MichelleB100m Butterfly01:18,1901:18,67Rhea CutajarJul-06
6Sarah DemicoliA50m Butterfly00:38,1800:38,20Laura DemicoliOct-09
7Neil MuscatB200m Freestyle02:17,1902:22,31Christian GialanzeSep-89
8Neil MuscatB200m IM02:35,9202:37,57Kenneth U’goOct-95

ASA National Coach Andy Colburn (far right) and Neptunes Coach Gail Rizzo (far left) with the local swimmers

ASA National Coach Andy Colburn (far right) and Neptunes Coach Gail Rizzo (far left) with the local swimmers

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  1. Mark Buttigieg says:

    How nice seeing one of our swimmers Sarah Demicoli coached by SWIMMING WORKSHOP coaches Mark Buttigieg and Neil Agius breaking an Age Group Record, such a pity not seeing the coaches names mentioned. Mark Buttigieg, Neil Agius and Monique Mangion who work so hard with all these young athletes.


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