Formosa dominates Penellu Road Race

Friday, May 28, 2010, 15:44

Maurice Formosa of Melita Pedal Power Cycling Club claimed his second consecutive win in the Road National Championships to prove his outstanding form this season.

The race was impeccably organized by the Malta Cycling Federation at the gruelling and hilly Penellu/Mellieha By-pass circuit where the Elite riders had to tackle the tough 6km circuit seven times which includes the tough Penellu hill.

Maurice Formosa crossing the line for the 1st spot - Photo by Ramon Borg

Maurice Formosa crossing the line for the 1st spot - Photo by Ramon Borg

In the Elite Category, Adrian Sciberras (Mosta A.F. Sign Studio C.C.) attacked the main group right from the start, however he was reeled in straight away by Mark Bonnici (Melita Cycling Club C.C.) Riders from Melita Pedal Power C.C. took over the lead of the peloton with Clive Ebejer maintaining a strong pace at the front. However it was Maurice Formosa who made the selection in the front group when he set a very strong pace right at the start of the first hill. Only David Galea (Qormi Scott C.C.), Christian Formosa (Melita Pedal Power C.C.) and Steve Sciberass (Mosta A.F. Sign Studio C.C.) managed to follow him. The four at the front continued to cycle together until Steve Sciberras and David Galea where eventually dropped.

The Formosa brothers set a strong pace on the front creating a sizeable gap on a chasing trio formed by David Galea and Mark Zammit of Qormi Scott C.C. and Etienne Bonello of Greens C.C. However in the final two laps of the race Christian Formosa could not match the pace set by his brother and eventually Maurice Formosa won the race in 1 hour and 21 minutes. Christian Formosa kept riding at his own pace with a great possibility to claim the second spot, however a nasty crash in the closing kilometres lost all his chances. Meanwhile David Galea sprinted for 2nd place in 1.24:34 while team mate Mark Zammit settled for 3rd in 1.24.35

The overall standings in the Elite Category after two races and with one race to go next Sunday, stand as follows:

1. Maurice Formosa (Melita Pedal Power C.C.) – 400 points
2. David Galea (Qormi Scott C.C.) – 305 points
3. Mark Bonnici (Melita Pedal Power C.C.) – 295 points

Next and final race valid for the Road National Championships will be held next Sunday, 30th May 2010 at the Coast Road/ Bahar ic Caghaq.

Podium finishers for other categories:

Juniors (6 Laps):

1st: – James Dimech (Mosta AF Sign Studio C.C.) 1.19:00
2nd – Daniel Borg (Mosta AF Sign Studio C.C.) 1.22:00
3rd – Matthew Abdilla (Greens C.C.) 1.22:30

U/15 – Boys (3 Laps):

1st: – Karl Xuereb (Mosta AF Sign Studio C.C.) 00.16:15
2nd – Nicholas Zammit (Mosta AF Sign Studio C.C.) 00.16:16
3rd – Terrence Lauri (Greens C.C.) 00.17:20

U/15 – Girls (3 Laps):

1st: – Nina Zammit (Mosta AF Sign Studio C.C.) 00.19:30
2nd – Adriana Galea (Qormi Scott C.C.) 00.20:31
3rd – Martina Sciberras (Mosta AF Sign Studio C.C.) 00.20:59

Ladies (5 Laps):

1st: – Marie Claire Aquilina (Greens C.C.) 1.08:24
2nd – Marica Micallef (Melita Pedal Power C.C.) 1.14:00
3rd – Danica Bonello (Greens C.C.) 1.26:00

Masters 40+ (5 Laps):

1st: – Michael Lia (Mosta AF Sign Studio) 1.07:22
2nd – Kevin Muscat (Qormi Scott C.C.) 1.07:37
3rd – Joe Mallia (Qormi Scott C.C.) 1.11:00

Masters 50+ (4 Laps):

1st: – Twanny Pisani (Mosta AF Sign Studio C.C.) 0.52:36
2nd – Lino Fabri (Greens C.C.) 0.54:22
3rd – Emanuel Bezzina (Mosta AF Sign Studio C.C.) 0.54.34

Masters 60+ (4 Laps):

1st – George Abela (Qormi Scott C.C.) 01.06:58

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