Former Sirens ASC Secretary Joe Magro, passes away

Thursday, November 18, 2010, 16:58

Former Sirens ASC Secretary Joe Magro, who passed away on November 15th, served the club as secretary for many years.
Joe was secretary of the Sirens ASC since Sirens started participating for the first time in their history in the post war competitions of the ASA.  At that time Sirens participated in the 3rd Division together with two other teams from St Paul’s Bay, namely Sea Lions and St Paul’s. During his first season he perceived that St Pauls’ Bay could not afford to have three teams participating in the ASA competitions and immediately started negotiations with the committees of the other clubs to amalgamate in such a way that St Paul’s Bay could be represented by a much stronger team.
His efforts  received the approval of the other teams and it was decided that as from the next season the three teams will be disbanded and a new team composed of the players of the three clubs be united under one name.
The biggest obstacle was that of the name of the new club. With his tactful negotiations this problem was resolved in as much as it was agreed that the name of the new club shall bear the name of the club which would receive the higher number of points in the ASA competition.
In fact during that year, Sirens placed third while Sea Lions and St Paul’s placed in lower position.  So the new Club was named Sirens ASC and Joe used all his influence to keep the necessary atmosphere of unity and balance among the ex three teams.  This was not an easy task and it had to be Joe’s dedication and enthusiasm to keep all difficulties and problems under control.
Joe had the satisfaction immediately when the new club Sirens won promotion to the 2nd Division and then to the first division in three consecutive years.  Joe was the backbone of the club and team and he did not limit his activities as secretary to the water polo team per se, but always saw to the welfare of the player’s individual who had various problems including financial. He had always found the right way to help without infringing the then strict pure amateur rules.  Old family feuds were also another problem for Joe, who always succeeded to solve such situations in the shortest time possible in order not to damage the atmosphere and unity of the team.
Yes, Joe was really a dedicated Club Secretary and his only satisfaction was when he saw Sirens rising to their highest glories. He was a workhorse for the club. The funeral Mass was said on Saturday 16th November. Lord grants him eternal rest.
We would like to thank Bartolomeo Muscat for his help in producing this article.

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  1. LVZammit says:

    Joe Magro was one of the mainstays of Sirens in their earlier years. Yes, indeed, “He was a workhorse for the Club”


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