Formation of the Malta Boxing Association

Saturday, September 20, 2014, 11:30

The Malta Boxing Association announce the formation of the Association (MBA)Executive Committee.

The executive committee of the Malta Boxing Association has been set up. The main objectives of the non-profit organisation is to encourage and promote interests in professional and semi-professional boxing throughout Malta & Gozo, by developing a culture of professional boxing as a popular sport and sport in general while fostering relations with the Maltese sporting authorities, local and international boxing promoters. The Association is formed specifically to affiliate to the Malta’s Council for Sport (KMS)

The new committee is composed of Marc James (CEO), Demis Tonna (acting president), Paul Borg (vice president) Leif Magnusson (secretary general), Claire Shephard (treasurer) and Jean Paul Buttigieg, Ray Zerafa and Charlot Coleiro as members.

The sterling works by the committee members have laid the foundation for major changes to boxing on a national scale. The Association has various sub-committees dealing with the diverse areas such as continuing to develop professional & female boxing, training & education, website and administration, European and international collaboration.

The Executive Committee is comprised of those whom on a permanent basis reside in Malta or are Maltese citizens. The principles of the MBA are to nurture and protect the interests of the members and encourage those who are not yet members to join and become active members of our Association.

For further information about the Malta Boxing Association visit their website

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