Football: Malta vs Ukraine, a serious friendly game before Slovenia

Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 13:52

At 7 pm Malta will play against Ukraine in Austria. Both teams are expected to take this friendly game seriously because both of them have to play an important game in the World Cup Qualifiers during the weekend against respectively Slovenia and Finland.

That’s the first time that Malta cross Ukraine for an official game which is considered for the FIFA Ranking. Malta’s coach has recently pointed out that Ukraine is a really good team at the European level. Indeed they are still running for a qualification (3rd with 8points as Turkey) in a well-balanced qualification group and they have lost just one game till now in their group and it was in Croatia (1-0) since the arrival of Shevchenko as head coach.

Despite the strength of the opponent, Ghedin expect that his players will do the maximum to do a good performance and according to him the last 10 days of preparation that the team has spent together were really good. He also see this game as a very important to gain practice before to be opposed to Slovenia. The arrival of Myles Beerman (Rangers), Johann Bezzina (Hibernians) and Dale Camilleri (St Andrews) are the new faces in the Maltese National Team.

Even if friendly games are taken seriously, they usually allow to try some new tactical experiment but also to give time at more players. In a certain extent it can be the occasion to increase a healthy competition between players that may increase their will to do a good performance despite the friendly context of the game.

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