Football: Malta Team wins tournament in Brussels

Monday, July 3, 2017, 9:42

The Masters team with players over 38, had an excellent success winning a tournament in Brussels between eight teams, coming from Ireland, Spain, Germany, Belgjum and Britain Such a success was achieved after good preparation and sacrifices by all the players, coach, technical staff, together with the committee.

It was a merited succcess, with the team giving a show of football that surprised all. There was positive comments not only on the team, but on the contingent in general – the behavour of the players on and off the pitch, the joyful character of all the players, just like one family, positive comments on our presentation, track suits, polo shirts etc.,and regards the excellent show of superior football. Thes were th results of the team with all the scorers.:

Group A vs FC Irlande 5-1 (M.Borg Olivier 2, L.Calleja, R.Forace, B, Said)

Vs British United 4-0 (M. Borg Olivier 2, B. Said 2)

Vs New Inn (Belgium) 2-0 (M. Borg Olivier, R. Forace) Klassifika: Malta Masters 9, British United 4, New Inn 2, FC Irlande 1 : Group B: Racing Gando (Spain) 7, Hollunder (Germany) 5, Brussels British 4, FC Irlande 0

Semi Finali: vs Hollunder 2-0 (D.Camilleri, R. Orace); R.Gando – British United 1-0 Final: vs Racing Gando 6-1 (L.Calleja 2, B.Said, M. Borg Olivier, E.Saliba, R. Forace)

The Malta team was united and every players gave his best. However delegates and coaches of the other teams voted Brian Said as the best player of the tournaemnt. He was presented wth a nice trophy. Other players considered were Renie Forace and Michael Borg Olivier.

All games were played at the excellent pitch of the University of Brussels, a huge sporting complex still being built and it will cost in all 5 million euros.

Coach Charles Agius also deserve credit for the team’s success. The players were: Sean Sullivan, George Edwards, Brian Said, Renie Forace, Michael Borg Olivier, Kevin Loughborough, James Navarro, Leoandros Calleja, Eric Saliba, Malcolm Camilleri, David Camilleri, Jeffrey Zammit

The committee would like to thank MEPs Dr. Miriam Dalli and Roberta Metsola that met the contingent. Mario Meli the leader of the group presented them with a small token for the occasion. Thanks also to deputy Ambassador Stefan Muscat, for hosting the group at Dar Malta. Ambasssador Ray Azzopardi could not attend as he was in Strasbourfor a conference.

Masters Football Malta also thank all those who in one way or other helped so that this adventure could materialize and the results achieved made the associaition and Malta proud.


Photo 1: the team with officials and committee members
Photo 3:  Mario Meli, the president with Mr. David Staunton, chief organizer
Photo 2:  Brian Said with trophy as best player of the tournament.

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