Football: APS Bank Under 15 Group 1 – Valletta 4 Kirkop Utd 1

Saturday, October 18, 2014, 13:30

Deserved win for Valletta

Valletta were the better outfit during this game as they created more actions and chances than their opponents.

After only two minutes Miguel Ghigo released Jean L Cassar on the right flank and Kirkop keeper Liam Caruana neutralized the ball from his low cross and at the other end Jeremy Gatt served Kyle Zammit with a through ball in the area and Valletta keeper Rashed Al-Tumi saved his shot, and in another action by Kirkop, Owen D’Amato was fouled on the left edge of the area and from the free kick by Leonardo Bugeja the ball was deflected by a defender and was parried by Al-Tumi.

Valletta opened the score in the 6th minute when a flag kick by Ghigo created havoc in Kirkop’s area and in the melee that ensued Orsan Mackay scored with a hard drive from inside the area.

In another action by Valletta Mackay won a tackle in midfield against Calthon Falzon Debono and after advancing drove over the bar.

The score became 2-0 in the 13th minute as Lian Xuereb entered the area after beating a defender and scored with a low shot.

Kirkop then won a free kick as Bugeja was fouled outside the area and the same player drove slightly over the bar from the free kick.

Then came more pressure from Valletta as they created three actions. Cassar was fouled on the right flank and Caruana saved the free kick by Ghigo. Mackay released Xuereb in the area and a defender cleared the ball away and after Cassar dribbled past an opponent outside the area Caruana saved his effort in two attempts with a diving save.

The score became 3-0 on the half hour when Cassar entered the area after beating an opponent on the right flank and scored with a rising shot.

The last action before the break came from Kirkop as D’Amato released Bugeja on the left flank and Al-Tumi neutralized the ball from his cross.

Valletta created the first action after the restart as Owen Duca served Xuereb in the area and as Caruana came out of his charge to narrow the angle he was injured in the action but resumed play after receiving attention, moments later Cassar served Xuereb in the area with a through ball and Caruana foiled him with a timely sortie as he dived at his feet and smothered the ball.

In the 51st minute Kirkop narrowed the gap when Bugeja dribbled past an opponent on the left flank and after entering the area Al-Tumi partly saved his shot and Matthias Camilleri scored with a low shot from the rebound.

In the 57th minute substitute Sharlton Briffa should have made it 4-1 for Valletta but he drove out from inside the area with an open goal at his mercy after a perfect free kick pass by Hayden P Sciberras, hardly a minute later Caruana neutralized the ball with a fine diving save after a cross from the right flank by the same player.

In the 62nd minute Valletta were awarded a penalty as Briffa was pushed in the area after he was put through and Ghigo made no mistake from the spot kick to make it 4-1.

Two minutes before the end, in another action by Valletta, Briffa released Cassar on the left flank who then crossed the ball in the area to Briffa and with an open goal at his mercy he drove out from a very ideal position, the last action before the end came also from Valletta when Miguel Micallef floated a high ball in the area from a free kick and Caruana had to dive and save the ball to a corner on a header by Briffa.

Valletta: R.Al-Tumi, H.P.Sciberras, J.Galea, M.Micallef, O.Duca, K.Mifsud, L.Xuereb, O.Agius, O.Mackay, M.Ghigo, J.L.Cassar

Kirkop Utd: L.Caruana, K.Bianco, L.Bugeja, M.Camilleri, O.D’Amato, C.Falzon Debono, J.Gatt, O.Khatib, W.Mifsud, M.Mizzi, K.R.Zammit

Referee: Christopher Azzopardi


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