Flyers Depiro dominate Fleur de Lys to keep title hopes alive

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 11:34

Flyers Depiro played another high-quality match to beat Fleur de Lys 3-0 and open up a three point lead at the top of the Ladies First Division Championship Playoffs. In the Relegation Pool of the same First Division, Playvolley Stars won the derby against the Galaxy with the same score, with the latter now mathematically certain of finishing in the last place. In the Men’s League, Valletta Mapei obtained their seventh win of the season, now opening a five point lead over Sliema.

Ladies First Division Championship Playoffs

Fleur de Lys – Flyers Depiro 0-3 (11-25, 23-25, 13-25)

This was Flyers Depiro’s third consecutive victory over Fleur De Lys this season, obtaining three important points in the first match of the Playoffs. Depiro started the game very concentrated and led the proceedings as from the start, basing their play on a very solid defence and quality attacks. They immediately took an advantage of three points at the beginning of the set, which they then increased considerably ending the first set with a 14 point margin. Fleur de Lys woke up in the second set making Depiro fight hard for every point. Both teams managed to alternate the lead at some point of the set, until both teams were tied up at 19-19. At this stage, Fleur de Lys opened an advantage of three points, going 23-20 up, but Flyers turned things around through four good services by Dorianne Bonnici, helping them to turn things around and win the set 25-23. This had a very negative psychological effect on Fleur de Lys, with Depiro opening a huge lead at the beginning of the third set, and taking 20 minutes to wrap it up 25-13. This was another merited win and another very good team effort by Flyers Depiro which kept their hopes of winning the league for the first time alive.

Referees: Marvic Micallef, Alexander Spiteri

Standings: Flyers Depiro 16, Paola 13, Fleur de Lys 12

Next Match: 28/03 1.30pm Paola Hibs Candy – Fleur de Lys

Ladies First Division Relegation Playoffs

Playvolley Galaxy – Playvolley Stars 0-3 (19-25, 10-25, 9-25)

Galaxy started this match highly motivated, and with Annalise Domenici and Catherine Spiteri leading their team mates, they went 9-3 up early in the first set. From their part, the Stars did a number of serious mistakes, however mainly through a run of good services by Yana Vella, they started to crawl in the match, going ahead 21-16. And with Melissa Borg and Sheryl Sammut playing well at the net, they finally won this set 25-19. Maria Demicoli moved to the middle position in the second set, and this helped Stars open up a good lead, 6-0. Although Galaxy managed to close in, with Olivia Muscat serving well, and Sarah Scerri attacking from position 4, the more experienced Stars soon closed this set 25-10 in just 18 minutes, following a series of mistakes by Galaxy’s attackers. The third set was very much a photocopy of the second one, although Galaxy managed to stay in the match until the first Technical Time out. But from then onwards, it was all Stars, with Diandra Caruana leading her attackers from various positions, and Melissa Borg closing it up with a run of eight consecutive serves.

Referees: Steve Farrugia, Anatoly Gatt

Standings: Playvolley Stars 12, Southend 8, Playvolley Galaxy 6

Next Match: 28/03 3.30pm Playvolley Stars – Southend

Men’s League

Sliema – Valletta Mapei 1-3 (18-25, 10-25, 25-22, 10-25)

Valletta moved very close to winning the Men’s League with another fine performance against Sliema. The latter tried very hard, mainly through Matthew Cumbo’s fine sets and good defences, and Paul Vella and Chris Pecorella’s attacks, but they found a solid Valletta side, with Dalton Caruana and Paul Tonna blocking their efforts and Vince Pace defending well in the Libero role. Valletta went ahead immediately by winning the first set, with Sliema finding it very hard to penetrate through Mapei’s wall. However, Sliema started the second set on a different note, managing to keep close to their opponents at the beginning of the second set. However, they soon lost their cutting edge, and with Valletta prevailing at the net, this set was soon over 10-25. Sliema, however, took advantage of Valletta’s mistakes in the next one, and with David Caruana helping out in defence and attack, Sliema managed to open a small lead which they managed to administer until the very end. This shook Valletta into concentrating more in the fourth set, which they immediately did, opening up a huge lead which Sliema never managed to reduce.

Referees: Nello Calleja, Deborah Farrugia

Standings: Valletta Mapei 21, Sliema 16, Defenders Aloysians 7

Next Match: 28/03 5.30pm Sliema-Defenders Aloysians


Mini Volley Girls: Southend – Flyers 0-2, Paola – Southend 2-0

Standings: Flyers 31, Paola 28, Southend 17, Playvolley 16, Fleur De Lys 9

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