Floriana sweep past Tarxien

Tuesday, January 14, 2014, 11:35

by Victor Ciangura, courtesy of The Malta Independent.

APS Bank Under 15 Section B


Floriana    3


Tarxien     0



After this game Floriana ended their first phase commitments in joint second place with Kirkop on 19 points and together with leaders Birkirkara on 22 points, Tarxien  on 14 points and Gozo on 13 points,  will compete in the Championship Pool , while Pembroke, Zebbug, Balzan, Zabbar and Mellieha will contest the Relegation Pool.  Points will not be halved.


The game was attended by a sizeable crowd who gave very good support to both sets of youngsters, who regaled them with a very fast and entertaining game which was well-controlled by referee Ryan Aquilina.


The game was only two minutes old when Floriana won a corner kick on the left flank which was taken by Svein Bartolo and Tarxien keeper Ismael Bondin had to dive and save the ball to a corner from a shot by Denilson Borg Castaldi from inside the area.


In the first action by Tarxien Elstan Grech Patiniott relased Kurt Desira in the area and Greens keeper Craig Abdilla foiled him with a timely sortie.


In Floriana’s next attack in the 10th minute they opened the score. Borg Castaldi was fouled on the left flank and from the free kick by the same player the ball was cleared to a corner which was taken by the same player which created havoc in the area and Matthias Zarb scored from inside the area with a hard grounder in the bottom left hand corner of the net.


In the 12th minute Tarxien won a free kick on the right flank after Adrain Bonavia was fouled and after the free kick by the same player Elstan Grech Patiniott scored from inside the area but the point was disallowed for off- side.


Floriana were awarded a penalty in the 17th minute when a Tarxien defender handled the ball in the area on a shot by Borg Castaldi after he was put through by Zarb and Bondin saved the hard grounder by Bartolo, and minutes later he foiled Fabrizio Zammit with a timely sortie in two attempts after he was put through by Sean Sultana.


The score became 2-0 in the 26th minute when Jamie Delia got possession of the ball in midfield and as he tried his luck from the distance with a lobbed ball Bondin was completely deceived by the bounce and the ball rolled to the back of the net, and in another action by Floriana minutes later Bondin saved a header by Zammit after a flag kick by Borg Castaldi


Tarxien created the last two actions before the break. Kurt Desira entered the area after dribblind past a defender and Abdilla foiled from further progression as he dived at his feet and smothered the ball and Laurent Grech dribbled past an opponent outside the area and he tried his luck with a hard rising shot and Abdilla saved his shot with a spectacular diving save to a corner.


The first action after the restart was created by Tarxien when Chris Desira was fouled outside the area and the ball was headed away from the free kick by Laurent Grech.


In Floriana’s first action Zarb released Bartolo in the area but he drove slightly out and minutes later Borg Castaldi pounced on a faulty clearance and Bondin saved his shot from outside the area.


Tarxien then won a free kick on the left flank after substitute Kurt Theuma was fouled and the ball was headed away from thefree kick by Laurent Grech.


Floriana scored their third and final goal in the 53rd minute as Matthias Zarb dribbled past an opponent on the left flank and served Bartolo with a cross in the area and he gave Bondin no chance with a hard rising shot in the top left hand corner of the net.


The Greens kept trying for more. Zammit was fouled on the right flank, Borg Castaldi served Delia with a short pass from the free kick and a defender blocked his hard drive from outside the area.


The last action before the end was created by Tarxien. Kurt Desira released substitute Matthew Pulis in the area and florian substitute keeper Pablo Debono foiled him with a timely sortie.


Referee: Ryan Aquilina                                                                                                                                               Player of the match:  Svein Bartolo (Floriana) 


Floriana: C.Abdilla (P.Debono 62), S.Bartolo (D.Zammit 65), D.Borg Castaldi, L.Cutajar, J.Delia, N.Galea, L.Mansueto, J.Stensen (S.Grima 36), S.Sultana, F.Zammit (I.Micallef 67),M.Zarb


Tarxien:I.Bondin (A.Debono 630, M.Tabone, H.Grech Patiniott, K.Debono(K.Theuma 44), L.Grech, S.Desira, A.Bonavia (N.Mifsud 53), L.Coleiro (M.Pulis 41), E.Grech Patiniott, C.Zahra(K.Borg 56), K.Desira

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