Floriana Futsal Club back to the Indoor Ground

Monday, July 23, 2012, 14:15

After a small break during the Euro 2012, now Floriana Futsal Club last season known as “Todos Futsal” are back to the indoor ground. As Futsal formed a New Assosciation, all clubs had their registered players being free released.

Many of Floriana players who were in the national squad, were being approached by various clubs .Although other top clubs are trying hard to get these players, Floriana are on good terms with the players and therefore there are few changes to be made.

Apart from last year’s team, Floriana have new faces in the team which are currently on trial and really close to the deal. It seems that the team is going to be stronger than the last year’s and  is ready to start this new adventure in the top flight division.

The team will aim higher and the first aim is to keep top division status and then try to improve more  as the season progressesn. The club is expected to extend the sponsorship deal with last year’s sponsor KINETIX, and is in initial contact with another 2 potential sponsors.



  1. GREEN says:

    Forza Floriana!


  2. ahdar says:



  3. Futsal says:

    Vamos Todos !! 


  4. Massimo Cassar says:

    Good Luck Floriana fc futsal





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