Floriana FC Nursery – SS Lazio trials a success

Saturday, February 11, 2012, 21:14

Trials organized by Floriana FC Nursery together with SS Lazio were held last Monday and Tuesday.

The cold weather did not stop the 46 participants from taking part in the trials. Although the majority of the participants came from Floriana FC Nursery, a good number of participants coming from other Nurseries were also involved in these trials which served as an opportunity for the youngsters to meet the six international coaches coming from SS Lazio.

The administrators said that they didn’t expect this high level of dedication in the Maltese participants.


This adventure came to an end with an instructional meeting at Floriana FC Club House with a detailed examination of the players; their technique, ability and attitude towards the sport.

The second set of trials will be held on the 12th of March.

A press conference entitled Ghaqdiet Sportivi – Mezz ta’ Titjib Tekniku u Integrazzjoni Socjali will be given the day after.

Dr Anthony Galea together with another three speakers will be present for this press conference which will be open for all sports administrators and organizers of all sports disciplines.


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