Floriana deserved to win the FA Trophy Final – Ton Caanen

Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 16:07

by Sandro Micallef

Ton Caanen AEK Larnaca coach tomorrow he will face Floriana FC

“I am sorry for my former team Valletta but I must say that Floriana deserved to win the U*Bet FA Trophy Final which was played in May” commented the AEK Larnaca and ex Valletta coach Ton Caanen in a meeting earlier today with the press.

The Dutchman who addressed a media conference ahead of tomorrow’s UEFA Europa League match between his team AEK Larnaca and Floriana admitted that he has spent much of his time lately filling up his players with information about tomorrow’s opponents.

Caanen said “I practically know all the Floriana players except for their latest acquisitions and I also know how each individual plays since during my team at the helm of Valletta I have played against them for three times and have also watched some of their games on DVD including the FA Trophy Final”

“I have communicated to my players that this season here at AEK Larnaca we have to fight for three competitions the Cypriot League, the domestic Cup and also we are to be protagonists also in the Europa League so we have to take extra caution tomorrow against Floriana since we do not want any upsets” Caanen commented.

When asked about the pre season of his team so far the dutch coach who has former Valletta players in his team (Dimech and Priso) said that his pre-season was split in two part the first part was held in Cyprus and the latter in Holland. “We had a very good build up for tomorrow’s match and we came a day before purposely because I wanted the players to get accustomed to the Maltese hot temperatures”

Making direct reference to Floriana the Larnaca coach who was flanked by his personal translator said that all the Floriana players will pull up their socks to try and make life difficult for his team, but we are prepared for that he added.

“I know the players, I know the Hibs pitch, I know how the dressing rooms are and I also know the quality of the lights there so we are ready for it” Ton Caanen remarked.

When asked if he will be cautious when facing a team that has a sky high morale due to the perfect end os season and due to the fact that the greens have nothing to lose in Europe Caanen said “I do hope that with this enthusiasm Floriana are pushed to play an offensive game and not stay defending all throughout the game.

Floriana vs AEK Larnaca will be broadcast live on Malta Stars (Melita Channel 614) with transmission commencing at 7.15pm.


  1. vallettawarrior says:

    Minn dejjem kien joker dan ir-ragel insomma…


  2. carmelo pace says:

     Kemm jhobb jitnejjek bin nies caanen,w jigbed is saqajn,


  3. Joe says:

    minjaf min taħ copja tal-Final hux? Proset e! Kollha nsara!


    JP Reply:

    Jaf kien sforz tad DVD ir rizultat !!


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