Flashy banned from Pool for two weeks

Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 11:55

by Sandro Micallef

John Farrugia, known as il-Flashy, and currently forming part of the Sirens Ritter Sports administration, has been suspended by the ASA and fined. He has allegedly insulted referee Mario Dalli during the BOV National Water polo Championship game between Sirens and San Giljan on the 6th August 2010.

Sources close to this website told us that people who were seated close to Farrugia at the Pool last Friday heard him calling Mario Dalli a “thief”, thus leaving the referee with no other option but to make an official report to the ASA.

John Farrugia,  an ex-player and also ex-coach of Sirens, has now been banned from entering the National Pool for a period of two weeks and has been fined EUR180.

Efforts made by Farrugia to offer his apologies over the phone to Dalli were futile.


  1. Kesu says:

    If I am not mistaken Flashy is the president of Sirens. Correct me if I am wrong on this. His action is shameful and more than that is the penalty meted out to him, which has set a precedent. Just 2 weeks for passing on defamatory remarks! OMG Which code of discipline specifies this? The disciplinary commissioner must have been dormant when passing this judgement and did not realise the gravity of Flashy’s action. Can we know who the Disciplinary Commissioner in this case was?


  2. JJG says:

    And also some action should be taken to make sure that supporters do actually go on the other side of the pool..because the couple supporters of sirens nearly caused a whole commotion when the winning goal of sirens was scored..as you can immagine Saints supporters were not happy…and sirens supporters screaming their head off just a couple of feet away. Sirens should have been on the sunny side that day but were not asked to move…i know for a fact when San Giljan are playing we are always always moved to the opposite side!!


  3. oliver says:

    Heat of the moment showed in his eyes. If we can change how we give and receive apologies, we can become less defensive, gain insight, grow wiser, and strengthen all of our relationships.

    We can also, then, be a strong model for others, including our children, players by teaching them that real apologies show strength of character, gain the respect of others, and have great healing power.


  4. Joe Ciangura says:

    Mhux ek tajjeb u fejn kienu l-pulizija ? ma hemmx serjeta fil-waterpolo


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