Five title belts for team Noel at Gladiators Night

Thursday, July 2, 2015, 20:22

Five athletes from Team Noel won their matches in the latest edition of Gladiators Night. Among them there were also two World Kickboxing Network (WKN) title belts.


Zahra, won over Ladistav Kristufek from the Czech Republic after engaging in a 5×3 professional level. The showdown was dominated mostly with leg techniques and most of them to the head. In the last two rounds the two athletes started using more hand techniques and striking each other with strong hits. Zahra got points when hitting Kristufek by “spinning hook kicks”. In Zahra’s corner there was as well Osman Yigin, World Thai Boxing Champion.


Melvin Fenech, faced Ryan Cachia, New Kickboxing, in a K1 match and won the WKN National Title Belt. It was a hard struggle for both of them which continued pressing on each other all the time. In the end it was a jury’s decision that gave the victory to Fenech



The match for Clayton Desira and Eman Zammit was a short one. In the first round Desira started hitting Zammit often with cross punches to the head. Because of this Zammit’s team decided to stop the match before the start of the second round. Thus Desira wins by a KO.

Brent Spiteri faced Keith Micallef in K1 where both athletes kept on attacking in short bursts. Spiteri used much more powerful techniques involving knee to the head. The jury gave the victory to Spiteri by points.

Joshua Sciarino won over Enrico Mannicaro in Kickboxing. It was an intense match for both athletes without rest. Sciarino started working at close quarters with Boxing techniques and finishes the attack with low kicks. The jury decided that it was a victory for Sciarino.

Christopher Rotin loses his match with Vio Franco. Both athletes began to make a counterattack after another without stopping. Rotin controlled the first round. They showed good technique which often ended the leg attacks to the head. Franco won the fight by points.

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