Five basketball clubs propose way forward

Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 14:27

by Sandro Micallef

More developments are unfolding as the day for the Extraordinary General Meeting of the MBA approaches. The below is the text of the agreement that was drawn up to be signed by all five 1st Div Clubs last Saturday 19th February 2011.
Athleta, Depiro, Loyola and Siggiewi are willing to sign this document, as long as ALL 5 clubs sign this document  at least 24 hours prior to the convening of the protest board for the case of Siggiewi vs Luxol re 1st Div game held 29.01.2011.

The letter addressed to Magistrate Mizzi President MBA below: 

Dear President

RE: Continuation of Basketball Competitions at a Men’s First Division Level

With direct reference to the above, we Five Presidents of the Clubs which form part of the Men’s First Division Basketball League hereby express our intention to continue all competitions which take place in this category.

The Five clubs agree to continue and honour all the fixtures in all competitions notwithstanding any decision taken by the protest board and/or any subsequent appeal in the case instituted by Siggiewi Basketball Club following the game played between said club and Luxol Basketball Club on the 29th of January 2011.

The clubs also request the Presidents Council to formally declare the games which Luxol Basketball Player Robert Azzopardi must not play following his suspension.

Furthermore the Five Clubs request the Presidents Council to set forth a proposal for a schedule of games in order to best set out the way forward to play those games which have been missed. Said proposal must then be agreed on by all 5 Clubs.

The Five Clubs also agree that they are willing to resume all competitions within 72 hours of an official confirmation by the Presidents Council.

David Agius Siggiewi Basketball

Ray Cuschieri Loyola Basketball

Alfred Pace Luxol Basketball

Marcel Pisani Athleta Basketball

Anthony Vella Rabat Depiro Basketball


  1. Nathan says:

    This is a very frustrating period for everyone involved in the Men 1st division. Especially after seeing the success of woman’s final yesterday. A big Congrats to Depiro! But something must be done to get the Men league back in action.
    There was definitely a need for change inside the MBA, but not during the season


  2. JOE MIZZI says:

    When will the protest board meet????
    Hope that this will be soon as we r going in d 4th week. ARUKAZA


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