First woman to be elected in the Administration Council of the Malta Motorsport Federation

Friday, February 8, 2019, 13:53

During the last General Meeting of the Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF), Mr. William England was once again confirmed as Vice President of the Federation for his second term of three years. Mr England was last year recognised with an FIA award for his contribution to improve the best practise of the sport, the first ever award given to an Official in Malta by FIA. Furthermore Mr. Jonathan Bruno has been elected Secretary General of the Federation, after his valuable contribution in the post of Vice Secretary of the Federation for the previous four years.

Ms. Susanne Fenech was elected by the members of the Federation as Vice Secretary/PRO of the Federation. Ms. Fenech is an avid motorsport enthusiast with vast experience in organizing motorsport related festivals locally. With her election, the Federation is demonstrating that women are recognised within the highest component of the Federation, as Ms Fenech became the first women to join the Administration Council of the Federation. MMF welcomes Ms. Fenech onboard and looks forward to encourage more women in motorsport in all its aspects, whether as competitors, officials, engineers, mechanics or other positions.

The new Malta Motorsport Federation Administration Council is made up of the following officials:

  • Mr. Tonio Cini – President
  • Mr. William England – Vice President
  • Mr. Pierre Sammut – Treasurer
  • Mr. Jonathan Bruno – General Secretary
  • Ms. Susanne Fenech – Vice Secretary/PRO

During the AGM, the members of the Federation has approved significant changes to the structure of the organisation to reflect a more international format in line with Motorsport Federations in other countries by creating Sporting Commissions covering a variety of Motorsport disciplines, namely Hill Climb, Karting, Drifting, Drag Racing and Off-roading. The scope of the sporting commissions is to select group of people to address the issues of their discipline with the intent to grow the number of entrants, keep the discipline abreast with best practices and assist the clubs to keep updated with new regulations for their events. Driver, club and official representatives will all be part of these sporting commissions, paving the way for better reforms that have the consensus of all.

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