First six months of 2013 were busy for the Malta Taekwondo Federation with achievements as well.

Sunday, July 14, 2013, 9:37

The first six months of 2013 were quite busy for the Malta Taekwondo Federation with a number of events organised and a number of its members attending international courses.

Early April 2013 saw the National Team visit Mazzara del Vallo in Sicily where it held a training session with the local taekwondo club, TKD2000. The national contingent made up of fourteen athletes also had the opportunity of training with London Olympic 2012 Gold medallist Carlo Molffetta. The Sicilian club also organised a sparring (kyorugi) competition in one of the local piazzas which attracted quite a number of spectators. Although for most of the junior team this was their first time participating abroad most of them took the best out of their Sicilian counterparts. The senior team, notwithstanding the tough opposition, also managed to win most of their bouts.

Also in April Kwanjamnim Christopher Vella participated in the Poomsae International Open Competition organised by the Tiger Pokal Academy in Pirmasens Germany. Kwanjamnim participated in the +35 year black belt category and placed first with performances of Chonkwon and Jitae poomsae.

Sabumnim Stephen Formosa and Kwanjamnim Christopher Vella attended and successfully completed the 26th Kukkiwon Master Instructor Course in Vienna during the month of May.

During this training camp the two instructors had the opportunity of training with some of the best Taekwondo Masters namely Master Lee Chong Kwan (9 th Dan) Dan) and Master Bang Man. Both candidates were awarded the respective Kukkiwon Master Instructor Certificate. Kwanjamnim Vella achieved the 2nd class certificate and was also presented with a certificate of competence.

Also in May, Sabumnim Joseph Azzopardi attended and successfully completed the International Referee course. A number of participants from all over the world attended this course which was held at the Olympic Sports Centre, Innsbruck, Austria. The achievement of Sabumnim Azzopardi is also a historic achievement for the Malta Taekwondo Federation, since now as a country Malta has its first licenced international kyorugi referee.

By the end of June the Federation will also be sending two of the senior National Team athletes,Mauro Busuttil and Gianluca Barbara to Kyung Hee University, Suwon, South Korea, where they will be attending an intensive two-week athlete sparring course. This is truly a unique opportunity to have two athletes participating in a course held in the heart of taekwondo. Hopefully this experience will improve the already excellent results that the National Team is obtaining.

The Federation now gladly awaits the arrival in Malta of Kwanjamnim Christopher Vella who besides delivering a number of seminars will also be judging of the national Poomsae Competition being held in June. Kwanjamnim Christopher will also be the presiding over the judging of Black Belt (Dan) grading. In total six local athletes have applied to take on the upcoming Dan grading exam. Amongst these is Joel Genuis, who at the age of 13 is aiming to attain his 3rd Dan.


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