First Promotion Tests for 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011, 11:32

The Taekwondo Dragon Club held its first Promotion Tests for 2011 on Saturday 26th March at St. Martin’s College. Fifteen members passed their eligibility test that was carried out the week before.

To ease the process the group was divided in 2 with those going for 9th Kup till 7th Kup starting first. As usually, all candidates were tested on all the components of the system as required by the syllabus – basic technique, sparring, self-defense, breaking and patterns.

All passed to their new respective rank as follows:

Yellow Tab (9th Kup)

Antonio Privitera, Joseph Portelli, Zack Ebejer and Ruby Ai Young

Yellow Belt (8th Kup)

James Aquilina

Green Tab (7th Kup)

Christian Sant and Deborah Caruana

Green Belt (6th Kup)

Henry Aquilina, Shania Magro, Kylie Magro and Judy Bruno

Blue Tab (5th Kup)

Kyle Vassallo and Jadyn Portelli

Red Tab (3rd Kup):

Mauro Busuttil and Chloe Vassallo

As from February, Sabomnim Formosa started to teach at St.Aloysius College following a successful demonstration that was held during the month of December at the college’s gymnasium. Sessions are held every Monday between 14:45 hrs and 16:00 hrs. This brings up the number of branches up to four under the umbrella of the Taekwondo Dragon Club with sessions held at Pembroke, Kirkop, Swatar and B’Kara. Currently Sabomnnim Formosa is trying to open another branch in Marsascala.

In the meantime Shania Maria Magro and Lynsey Fenech are training regularly to participate in a cadets tournament that is going to be held on the 20th March in Sicily. For Magro this is going to be the first experience.

Those who would like to know about the club’s activity and more about Taekwondo are to visit the website or call on 9945 2010 / 9986 8789.

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