First point for Ghaxaq and Sta Lucia

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 21:47
courtesy of victor ciangura – The Malta Independent
APS Bank Under 17 Section C 3
Ghaxaq   1      Sta Lucia   1
By virtue of this result both Ghaxaq and Sta Lucia won their first point after five games and they both lie in the bottom of the standings. Ghaxaq were the better outfit in this gane which never reached any heights.
Ghaxaq applied the early pressure. Fabian Mifsud was fouled on the right flank and Sta Lucia keeper Luke Pace saved the free kick by Brandon Gouder and later saved another free kick shot by Shamison Stafrace after he was fouled outside the area.
In the 9th minute Ghaxaq opened the score when Yannick Galea received the ball from a long drop-kick by keeper Omar Coleiro who scored with a low shot after entering the area.
In an action by Sta Lucia, Yan Camilleri was fouled outside the area and Liam Debono drove slightly over the bar from the free kick.
Ghaxaq reacted by creating two further actions. Andre’ Abela released Kyle Azzopardi on the left flank and Pace saved his effort from outside the area and Massimo Axisa pounced on a faulty clearance and the ball missed the upright from his long-range shot.
Sta Lucia then won a corner kick on the right flank which was taken by Charlton Mifsud and Coleiro saved the shot by Waylin Grima from inside the area.
The last two actions before the break were both created by Ghaxaq. Marlon Aquilina dribbled past two opponents and after entering the area Pace saved his shot and Abela released Azzopardi on the right flank and Pace saved his shot to a corner after he entered the area..
The second period was a total dominance by Ghaxaq as Sta Lucia created only one action in which they equalised.
From a free kick by Azzopardi the ball thumped the bar and Galea drove out from the rebound with an open goal at his mercy. Azzopardi was then fouled outside the area and the ball was headed away from the free kick by Luke Schembri.
Azzopardi released Axisa on the left flank who veered to the edge of the area and a defender cleared the ball to a corner and after Azzopardi was fouled on the left edge of the area Pace saved from the free kick by Gouder.
In the 71st minute Sta Lucia equalised when Liam Debono dribbled past two opponents on the right flank and was tripped as he entered the area and Mifsud made no mistake from the penalty spot.
In the last action before the end, Azzopardi dribbled past an opponent on the right flank and the ball was cleared to a corner from his cross.
Referee: Joseph Vella                              Player of the match: Kyle Azzopardi (Ghaxaq)

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